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Sneaky Manipulation Tactics Women Use To Control You (Be Aware)

Sneaky Manipulation Tactics Women Use To Control You (Be Aware)


Sneaky Manipulation Tactics Women Use To Control You (Be Aware)

In the intricate landscape of relationships, it’s essential to be aware of potential manipulative tactics that can occur. In this eye-opening video, we delve into the sneaky manipulation tactics some women may use to exert control over their partners. Understanding these behaviors can empower you to foster healthier connections built on trust, respect, and open communication.
Discover the “Withdrawal Method,” “Mirroring Method,” “Guilt Tripping Method,” “Hot & Cold Method,” and the dark side of “Love Bombing.” By shedding light on these tactics, we aim to equip you with the knowledge to recognize red flags and set healthy boundaries in your relationships.

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Summary. Thank me later!
Tactic 5: Withdrawal Method (creating an emotional distance to spark a stronger desire for their presence in order to control you)
Tactic 4: Mirroring Method (imitating qualities & preferences of their target then molding themselves into what they believe their partner desire)
Tactic 3: Guilt Tripping Method (to make you feel like you’re overthinking or insecured in order to induce you to do something)
Tactic 2: Hot & Cold Method (fluctuations between intense emotional engagement and sudden withdrawal, in order to create confusion and uncertainty. Used as a mean of gaining power and control over you)
Tactic 1: Love Bombing Method (showers you with intensive compliments and flattery strategically in order to make you feel the most special person)

Tactic 7: Subliminal messaging
Tactic 6: Identifying and being mindful of others needs.

Thanks for the reminder, this topic is very important not to shipwreck. Traits that are easy for us to see through. The trick is to appear naive but not be. Say, let them think they are one step ahead of us to surprise them with an unexpected move.

Most women do this. Some of them very aware of exactly what they’re doing, but most of them subconsciously. It’s biological to help them survive by locking down the best mate. So let’s no generalize or be upset with them, let’s just be aware.

Narcissist personality, just break up, she check all this points and she break me, but I wake up now going in to gym to get ripped
Found best quote on internet:
“This comeback is personal, it is apology to myself” update you next year.

A great example of the smile passive-aggressive psycho behavior can be seen in the (good) movie Home Sweet Hell.

Tactic 5-withdrawal method @ 1:54. Leave her ASAP if she’s making you worry & suddenly shes distant. She’s either f*cking or talking to another guy. And she’ll call you clingy & nosy.

Damn, sounds just like my ex, no wonder I got the blissful peaceful feeling when separated, and even my children said the same too

Are you serious? This material isn’t Sigma oriented, it’s Gamma oriented. Why not just be honest and guide them to be who they are instead of what they aren’t? Will the person who posted this be there to help pick up the pieces when that false sense of self disintegrates?

I am controlled by the truth not your damn emotions don’t try to see what you can get away with you can’t get away if your mind you wouldn’t want to get away this one was too easy.

The trap is when they think you are in the kill box and spring the trap and to find out they just told on themselves ouch they always tell on them selves they are stupid mfs

Most of them do this thats whats sad and im sorry, its evil as well, it shows tha women are natural born liars and game players.


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