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Situation Update, Jan 11, 2023 – We Have DECODED the Luciferian Globalist Playbook to Exterminate the Human Race

Situation Update, Jan 11, 2023 – We Have DECODED the Luciferian Globalist Playbook to Exterminate the Human Race

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Intro

4:40 Breaking News

29:25 Luciferian Globalist Playbook

35:10 Australia

38:08 Russia

44:55 Energy Infrastructure

52:10 AI Systems

– NYC grocery stores are locking up food due to rising retail theft

– Food retailers are FLEEING blue cities as crime skyrockets

– Foster Farms sounds alarm over MILLIONS of cattle and chickens about to STARVE due to lack of grain shipments via rail

– US rail system is collapsing, and deliveries of food and fertilizer are deliberately disrupted

– Houston hero who shot violent armed robber subjected to grand jury

– Brought to you by Pfizer

– Predictions and warnings that alt media NAILED

– What’s going to happen next:

– Russia to launch major offensive against Ukraine and NATO

– Controlled demolition of the debt-based fiat currency system

– Accelerated dismantling of the energy infrastructure to impoverish humanity

– Geoengineering (weather weaponization) unleashed to destroy the food supply chain

– Humans to be replaced by AI systems, followed by AI humanoid robots (terminators)

– The big COSMIC picture of humanity being targeted for extermination

Here’s what others had to say:

Haven’t seen anything from Ice Age Farmer in quite a while. Anyone know if he’s okay?

I’m right there with you on everything you said. I bought more canning jars just today. I saved way more seeds last fall than I’ll need and also will share. I have all my other seeds already in hand and added more above ground boxes last fall. I also know what you mean about people that don’t prepare. Last summer I had all kinds of extra food and offered it several times to my employees. Nobody wanted it. I think they’ll see a time when they will beg for extras. Lucky though our local city mission and homeless shelter never turns down a thing so nothing goes to waste.

I will be tempting, perhaps temper it a bit “So, we’ve all known this was coming, what preparations were you able to make – oh hmmm?”

Mother of Pearl
I got that refund from the rescue act, it was for $60.66, what a joke. I sent it back and said I wanted nothing to do with it. I don’t want a thing from that joker sitting in the seat of the president. Also, the amount was weirdly scary. I gave them permission to give it to the millions of young people who have resorted to living in their car.

I believe all the theft is being allowed, is so that they can take away all the jobs and replace with the ‘Auto’Stores’ such as the recent McDonalds and gas stations were there are no attendants, and so that they can bring in no credit cards and pay with a chip in the hand or in the phone – more tracking and less people involvement with anything…

Mike, if God had created other human life forms on other planets in the galaxy/universe other than earth He would have mentioned somewhere in the 66 Books of His Word the Holy Bible that fact….Such other life forms that you mention are the satanic demonic fallen angels, one third of whom were cast out of Heaven by God to planet earth along with Lucifer/satan as a result of their rebellion against God….

Mike, have you ever considered interviewing David Icke? Stay healthy and safe and God Bless you and your efforts to bring the satanic darkness in the world into the light of day and into the Truth of God and His risen Son, our Messiah, Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua Hamaschiach.

Sherry Bee
I’ve asked this question myself a couple times here. Christian Westbrook, the Ice Age Farmer just suddenly stopped all media May 17 2022 with the exception of an interview with RFK that aired in late June. I’m definitely concerned about his well being and would like to know what happened to him. I hope Mike tries to find him and lets us know.

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