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Reclaiming Democracy with @ElonMusk and @RobertKennedyJr

Reclaiming Democracy with @ElonMusk and @RobertKennedyJr

By Elon Musk

Here’s what others had to say:

Knights Templar International
No wonder the fairness legacy media hate and fear this man!

Kraken Exchange
Be sure to ask him more about his plans on accelerating crypto adoption in the US!

Dr. Merica!
Why aren’t we talking about this stuff?
RFK should be talking about this.
1. What is your plan to help with the crippling inflation affecting everything from Manufacturing to Farming?
2. What is your plan to eliminate equity from the United States and get back to Equality and Merit Based?
3. Now that we know the FBI interfered with elections and have been an active part of a Weaponized DOJ, how will you fix it?
4. What is your plan to make American Energy, Petroleum, Manufacturing, and Farming easier/less expensively/more efficient and with less restrictions?
5. What is your plan for immigration and the border?
6. How do you feel about the NRA and guns like the AR15?

Cindil Pindil
Interesting how nobody would ask for some sort of sources for all the claims that RFKJr made (especially about the Ukraine). There was also no challenge on his views (except Elon’s rebuttal of the fission power plant safety). Maybe a more helpful future format would be to have 1 hour of discussion to reveal the views of the candidate and another hour for some challenging questions (live or written ahead of time).

Michael Crane
Why don’t they have Q and As for verified members. Create a line for journalists, or something, rather than rehashing the same old things.

Marty Loughlin
So @elonmusk is whining about advertisers not advertising on @twitter, a platform where he has a rw thumb on the scales, because “they don’t like free speech”. What a baby. No, they aren’t advertising because they don’t want to be associated with hate speech.

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Midas Momma
So good. Thank you also for opening up about the pressure on you. I’ve been harsh lately. Apologies. Sometimes I go into professional mode and I forget to be soft anymore. For what it’s worth what you’ve done is create an opportunity for constitutional democracy to be resuscitated.

Iyanda El Designs
As an Australian, I fully appreciated this open and insightful discussion. The statistics mentioned for America alone, are astounding.

B Burnworth
Amazing that people are more interested in new Apple colors instead of free speech, government censorship, corporate power through advertising budgets, enrichment through war, functioning democracy. . . Go Apple colors!

This $MONG is following this space carefully. Pro-crypto candidates are vital to ensure USA continues to be a leader in innovation. The SEC is attacking the digital assets industries, and many will eventually flee to establish offshore businesses.


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