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New Film Exposes The Entire Globalist Endgame

New Film Exposes The Entire Globalist Endgame

By The Alex Jones Show


Here’s what others had to say:

The globalists have got some balls. 2000 of them and 7.5 billion of us. They will all be dead long before this plan is a success for them

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They did this back in 1938/9 or so and it did not work, so they moved on to the final solution, people do not think for a second that these Globalist will house and feed you they have no intentions of caring for humans this is why Bill Gates wants to build a factory that can reduce thousands cows a day to liquid fertilizer Billy said for Cows.

It’s a vending machine for the aliens, what would be the purpose to house and feed a the chicken in the box.

I found the commentary useful since I could not watch the video the first time and could only listen. Could the crew provide the video WITHOUT Alex’s commentary in order to share with people who are not receptive to Alex Jones bit could benefit from the illustration the video provides. Thank you!

Where is the version without fatass’s voice-over so I can share that one. People I know won’t watch TV commercials even for a second and that voice-over is inarticulate.

The obligatory schwab reptilian eyes blink reference at 23:29.
The rise of the 4th rich and the forth industrial “revolution” death camps, reduce , defeat and control serfs “slave” class of subhumans.

The Main Characters book is titled “COVID-19: THE GREAT RESET”, it is really a Veiled Reference to Alex Jones book titled “THE GREAT RESET AND THE WAR FOR THE WORLD”.

The United Nations has now proposed that selling Fentanyl, sex with children, and pooping on the street be legalized. No kidding. They want the entire world to be San Francisco.

What’s even more messed up is that apartment is nicer than what I’m living in now but at least I can go outside, walk down by the creek and shoot anyone who makes the mistake of trying to kill me.

Same thing like WW2…… People were promised jobs, a new life….. got on a train and never came back.


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