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Kanye West Exposes Beyonce & Jay Z for Doing Hollywood Sacrifices

Kanye West Exposes Beyonce & Jay Z for Doing Hollywood Sacrifices

By This Happened

Kanye West Exposes Beyonce & Jay Z for Doing Hollywood Sacrifices

Kanye West is coming for Beyonce and Jay Z and exposing them for doing…SACRIFICES??

Here’s what others had to say:

Cris Cross
When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.

Aquarian Nation
I don’t even like Kanye but I believe him 100%! Good for him for standing up to these sick people that run Hollywood.

Morri Mohr
There is more evil and corruption than we can possibly imagine in the entertainment industry – I praise him for speaking out!

Toya Shae
I’m starting to understand him more and more. The big companies tried to twist his words to make the world turn against him, but if you listen to him and read between the lines a lot of his dialogue is spot on.

Suzanne Robbins
I really like Kanye, and I am a 76 year old white lady! I see what the media wants to do to him! I admire him, and his passion for truth! I totally believe that Jay Z and Beyoncé are very much into some very dark things! Thanks to Kanye for daring to expose them!

ShavonJenae #QueenIAm
I dreamed of Beyoncé when she transitioned: she was offered a life of more fame then she could imagine, she laughed and said but I am already famous. They responded with you have more than you ever wanted. They walked her into a dark room with candles lit all around . There was a contract on the table that she was ask to sign. She reached down to pick up the pen but it pricked her finger and blood spilled onto the contract. She proceed to pick the pen up to sign but they stopped her and said that’s all they needed. She was then escorted out of the room into a big light. This was right around the time Sasha Fierce was born. I kid you not I didn’t even care for Beyoncé at the time too much, I woke up like wtf!! I remember that dream like it was yesterday. I have visions of so much but again when I tell people they just think just look at me like I am crazy even when it comes true rt after I told them. They still don’t want to believe me. Ye is not Crazy

Greer Benz
““Kanye lost $2 billion in one day” but self-respect is priceless.

Ruthie Bowes
I hope he keeps speaking out.
“We are not only fighting against flesh and blood but the unseen rulers and principalities of this world.. “

Cannon Baller2020
Kanye has nothing to lose and everything to gain. He’s still worth millions. He’s a wonderful father to his children. But the biggest thing is he has MILLIONS of people tuned into what he is saying, and we’re all asking the questions he’s giving us the answers to.

Vanessa Noland
He’s definitely not crazy,I believed him the first time he exposed the Industry when he went on stage at his concert years ago,he was trying to let us k ow then but people wasn’t ready for truth,I knew then he wasn’t crazy like the powers that be were trying to make us think,he just took the opportunity that presented itself to do it that way,he knew he had a lot of people in one place listening that came to see him,he thought what better way and time to speak and expose things,but his truth didn’t go over well cause the world were deeply in their ignorance and wasn’t ready to receive,he’s just exposing these deceptive devils that our people worship,these black devils in Hollywood knows the black race is ignorant and will believe and whore after them believing everything and anything they tell them,it’s sooo sad how our black race look up to the very people that have played a big part in destroying them,our people need to understand they are following the very devils they go to church and pray against,but see our people is in la la land thinking the devil is a red demon with a pitch fork and tail,no no no it’s most,I won’t say all but 90% of your rappers,singers,movie stars,your Shaqs,Landon James,Charles Barkley,Steven A Smith,it’s all them that’s always in your face talking down on their own people when someone comes out to expose things going on,you’ll know Hollywoods black gatekeepers cause those the ones Hollywood sends out in the media to talk down on the person that expose the evil they’re doing,People wake up especially Black People cause every evil deed that’s planned is to destroy you and keep you ignorant and dumbed down keeping you from coming into the God And Goddess they know you are.

Brittany Bell
I’m convinced they only let you become a billionaire if you follow some type of rules. Most of these billionaires don’t even leave their own children a dime when they pass on. Very strange.

Sara Naidu
He’s just being honest, and possibly save many from the entertainment industry!! Alot of these entertainers possibly do not want to be famous anymore because it comes with a price, and therefore are afraid to speak out about the truth as to what’s really happening around them. Many of them have gone crazy and so there is definitely something bad happening to them.

Alejandro Barron
It’s crazy how manipulated people are to see Beyoncé as a “queen” . They are making us worship her in front of our eyes and we just let it happen.


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