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If You are Starting to Realise That School or University Was More About Indoctrination, Than Education, Then You’ll Love What You’re About to Discover With 21st Century U

If You are Starting to Realise That School or University Was More About Indoctrination, Than Education, Then You’ll Love What You’re About to Discover With 21st Century U

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21st Century U is a not-for-profit online educational resource, designed to deliver modern-day 21st Century Education inexpensively to the entire world. It was Co-Founded by the Best Selling Author of “What I Didn’t Learn At School But Wish I Had” in 1999.

21st Century U (University) 2.0 is a global community in investing, business, how to boost your income, and importantly how to tap into your purpose and be a happier, more fulfilled person, that dedicates their life to helping others.


Meet 21st Century U Founder Jamie McIntyre

I’ve gone from nothing growing up in rural Australia to a high net worth individual, who built an empire of companies turning over $60 million pa by my late 30s. I spent 15 years lecturing and sharing my financial insights, as well as creating a modern-day 21st Century Education. I hosted millionaires, & billionaires, at my events through to famous Hollywood Actors. I have helped my clients make, now over $5 billion, and eventually was banned in Australia from being able to publicly share my financial insights, especially after I exposed the financial planning industry as a commission-driven fraud to profit from uneducated naive investors. What I was teaching, the Government did not want the average person to utilize. You’ll discover why later. I then dedicated my money and resources to funding not-for-profit causes, such as independent media in Australia, and launched the first newspaper in decades, the Australian National Review. I did this to help my country create much-needed debate, & political change, and help expose the matrix of lies being pushed by mainstream media, often in lockstep with our Government. I become targeted by Government agencies as a result and had my businesses shut down, and tens of millions of assets stolen. I was character assassinated by fake mainstream media outlets, and framed for somehow losing my investor’s money, the idea I would destroy my own land projects and lose 100 times more than my investors being somewhat absurd. But the truth is not something that the elite care for. Stopping threats to exposing their rigged financial system is tough.


Having a mentor is key. That’s one of the things I did to learn decades of knowledge in a few short years. I didn’t want to wait to I was 60 to become a millionaire, I wanted to do it in my twenties. Finding millionaire mentors is one of the biggest keys that enabled this farm boy to achieve just that. Plus a very good work ethic. If you aren’t willing to do what it takes, then living your dreams will remain simply that . A dream If you want to be mentored and join my community of those I share even more valuable insights with, join video Q and A calls monthly to ask your questions, plus hear from key people, I’ll invite in to share their secrets, plus so much more, then your investment becomes $97 USD a month or discounted $970 per year.

You’ll receive a whole bunch of bonuses if you take up the yearly membership in advance, if you know this is for you, or want to find out, then take action now.
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For 10 years clients paid between $4000 and $10,000 for what you’ll access, with no mentoring access. Just the online tutorials.

They wouldn’t believe I’m letting people access all this for so little now. But I do so as it helps raise money to fund my not-for-profit work, mostly funding independent media to help save our nations.

If you believe you also need a one-on-one consultation with me, something I rarely do, if you take action now, there are some limited consultations available with me as well, to help accelerate your progress.
That’s enough from me for now, though.
Where ever you are in the world, if this resonates with you. Take action now, make a decision to change your life for the better, and together let’s make this world a better place.

Register now, and I’ll see you on the other side.
Enrol now in the 21st Century U for just $97USD, (normally $297USD)
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Remember, 21st Century U attendees have made over $5 billion collectively over the last 20 years. If you had been a past attendee, you would have bought Bitcoin at $120 AUD, when it was highlighted for attendees to.
You would have known to acquire US Real Estate at the bottom of the market in 2010, scooping up $350,000 homes for less than $50,000.
You would have learned how to freelance and quit your job after tripling your income part-time. You would have learned how to make money online via the internet or Amazon, as well, and start million-dollar companies from scratch. You would have learned how to retire from just buying 2 properties and how many attendees retired during live events, from one simple but lucrative strategy of generating instant cash, from one of the safest stock market strategies available. No more risk than owning a home. You would have learned financial tactics modeled from Billionaires, that have made millionaires. In fact, how much has it cost you to not have been enrolled in a 21st Century Education in the past? For less than $2 per week, can you afford not to have access to this knowledge? Especially with more banking collapses on the way.
21st Century U is about Financial tactics that you won’t learn from a commissioned salesperson dressed up as a Financial Planner. Financial tactics your Governments don’t want you empowered to use and threaten their slave-based matrix system that is designed to keep you poor. All change starts with a decision. Is today a day for you to decide on a new future? Join hundreds of thousands who have for two decades been self-educating with a 21st Century of Education, reaping the rewards year after year.

100% money-back guarantee

If after 12 months you haven’t increased your knowledge, or increased your level of wealth or happiness, simply request a 100% money-back guarantee *
Voided if a teenage scholarship is made available.
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