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I HAVE to Tell You Something IMPORTANT, Even Tho…

I HAVE to Tell You Something IMPORTANT, Even Tho…

By Elon Musk Live

Here’s what others had to say:

Battle between good and evil. Literally.

It absolutely amazes me that so many people in America can collectively agree to corruption instead of standing up and saying “NO I won’t go along with that”

Tucker is so right. I just wish more people would speak up and reject all this evilness.

The fact that so many ordinary words had to be muted to avoid this video being censored only makes this extremely powerful video more poignant.

The hardest part for Americans to wrap our brains around is that we used be able to have open conversations about things like this and anything else we wanted to talk about but that was a previous generation. Now we wait for someone like Tucker to speak truth and have the conversation for us. We still see red, white & blue but we are blind to the loss of our public voice and our public opinion. We are becoming the Wiemar Republic, acquiescing to the big G demi gods to feed us whats right and wrong. 20+ years ago we would have been making more noise about all this.

Tucker absolutely smashes it! It’s brilliant to watch/hear. What he was, where he’s come from and what eventually happened to him means he now has a big voice, so more of us need to listen to him bigtime! Long live and speak Tucker Carlson. I’m a brit, so I shouldn’t care, but Truth is something we feel more than we hear and his words are very much felt. Go on Tucker, let them f***In have it!!

the crap is going to hit the fan when all the people that can still live in a bubble actually have to face reality I’m afraid for this country and what the future holds it I used to say “boy we’re not heading in the right direction” but now I’m not sure where we are at and only hope and pray that things can get turned around and we can work together for a greater good…………

Whenever someone tells you something, ask yourself what they have to gain by telling you. Your friends will tell you the truth, no matter how much it hurts to hear it; your enemies will tell you whatever they feel makes you feel good, and whatever serves their own purposes.

Our court systems do this too! When they don’t allow a jury to know all previous crimes of a suspect at trials. This is so insanely wrong and is virtually giving real offenders a free slate helping there defence show them of good character which is total lies.

1984, once fiction and unthinkable, now coming to life before our eyes. As a veteran, I feel demoralized by the actions of my government. Having to ask the question out loud “have we become the bad guys?” In Air Force terms, we as a country, are in a free fall, now as a passenger, I’m bracing for impact.
Thank you Tucker and Elon! God save the Queen! Lol, JK. Prayers for your courage and safety.

Watched this until 2001 and wondered if it was even possible for people to wake up and at the same time hoped that it wouldn’t happen between people at the same time because then when I realized in 2001 that I had been fucked I was full of anger.


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