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Damar Hamlin BLOCKS Stew Peters on Twitter After Peters Questions NFL, Media Narrative of Collapse

Damar Hamlin BLOCKS Stew Peters on Twitter After Peters Questions NFL, Media Narrative of Collapse


NFL player Damar Hamlin, who Died Suddenly on the field before reportedly being brought back to life, has blocked Stew Peters after he questioned the NFL, corporate media narrative around his collapse.

NFL player Damar Hamlin, whose on-the-field collapse mirrored those of other COVID “vaccinated” athletes whose hearts have suddenly stopped beating, has blocked nationally-syndicated TV news host Stew Peters on the Twitter platform after Peters dared to question the NFL’s narrative on the air.

“I used to think football players were tough,” Peters wrote in a tweet, attaching a screenshot that showed Damar Hamlin, or his handlers, had blocked Peters from viewing the “@HamlinIsland” Twitter account, an account he’d never before communicated with.

“I never tagged Damar Hamlin on Twitter,” Peters explained. “Still, someone with access to Damar’s Twitter account — maybe Damar, maybe someone else — blocked me.”

In a follow-up tweet, Peters added, “Damar — if that’s you, I hope you’re OK, and that whoever is in charge of your care, cares more about your health than they do your reputation.”

As mentioned above, Damar Hamlin’s blocking of Stew Peters came after a Stew Peters Show segment, in which Peters dared to question the bizarre saga of Damar Hamlin and the obvious work between the NFL, corporate media, Big Pharma, and big hospitals to spin the situation.

While giving no valid reason as to why Hamlin’s heart stopped after a routine football play, the NFL, which has been militantly pro-jab, enforcing mandates on its non-player employees and using coercion methods to goad players (95% of them) into accepting the jab, has hailed him as a hero for collapsing on national television. So has corporate media.

Bizarrely, and as Peters pointed out in his recent show segment, which included a “Weekend at Damar’s” graphic showing Anthony Fauci and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell quite literally propping Hamlin up, when Hamlin made a purported appearance at the recent Buffalo Bills playoff game he never showed his face and was quickly shuffled from place to place.

Despite his purported breathing problems and need for oxygen as a result of his on-the-field collapse, Hamlin was wearing a COVID mask and had no oxygen tank in sight. Raising serious questions as to exactly what’s going on.

Weekend at Damar's
“Weekend at Damar’s” – Stew Peters Show

As Peters told his audience during the “Weekend at Damar’s” segment:

“Everything about the Damar Hamlin story is about as bizarre as it can possibly be and nobody’s talking about it. It’s like it’s almost forbidden. It’s framed as ‘insensitive’ or ‘conspiratorial’ to have the balls to say what everyone else is already thinking. So we’re just gonna say it. Out loud.”


“All of the stakeholders are desperate to get past the last two years of mandates, and coercion, and bribes, and payoffs throughout the deployment of the bioweapon,” Peters said.

Stew Peters’ massively viral Died Suddenly film exposed the carnage of COVID jabs and their attacks on the hearts of young, physically healthy individuals, like the thousands of athletes who’ve collapsed on the field of play since the jab roll-out began and blew the lid off of the de-population and domination scheme at the heart of COVID-19.

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