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Bud Light Marketing Executive ‘Destroys Everything’ With Her ‘Woke Ideology’

Bud Light Marketing Executive ‘Destroys Everything’ With Her ‘Woke Ideology’

By Sky News Australia

The Rubin Report host Dave Rubin says Budweiser Marketing Vice President Alissa Heinerscheid “destroys everything” with “woke ideology” following Bud Light’s collaboration with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney.

“This marketing executive who is in charge of the campaign does this video … where in essence she says, ‘well we didn’t really like the frat guys who were drinking the beer’,” Mr Rubin told Sky News host Paul Murray.

“This is what she said in essence; she is embarrassed by the customers who buy her products.”

Here’s what others had to say:

Tony Butts
Whoever hired this person as marketing VP, needs to be fired along with her

It kinda reminds me of Hillary Clinton calling half of the American population “deplorables “ and Justin Trudeau calling Canadians who disagree with him a “fringe minority “. Their absolute arrogance is mind boggling.

Moses Manaka
More bad news for Budweiser is that the boycott is worldwide, not just in the USA. People are determined to see them go bankrupt to make an example out of them.

Timothy Cooper
Imagine pissing away a 40yr old brand for a dude in drag.

Daniel Mendes
Dave Rubin summed up the issue very nicely. It makes no sense why you would despise the very people that like and buy your products.

Budweiser have not sacked her. Says it all really.

Never woke but refuse to go anywhere where this is forced upon us.

Yes it’s the Woke VP Marketing exec insulting her own loyal customers is what is fueling the boycott. A man mocking women as a multimillion dollar business model was the annoying icing on the political cake.

Dave J
Being Woke or Politically Correct is all about virtue signaling. Then, telling people that they are bratty is very rude and obnoxious, is without any virtue. Being well educated now seems to create people that are not fit to be around.

Joel H
Imagine you’re working for Sephora and then say you’re tired of this customer base of girly girls and feminine women, instead they want to start catering to tomboys and butch women…

I predict Bud Light will be history. We the people in this country are standing together and refusing to buy your product and make a statement. Are you getting the message????

Hoosier Throttle
I completely agree. It was more much more insulting to hear the VP of Marketing talking down her core customers than watching that grifter Dylan make a mockery of womanhood. You know some woke company will end up hiring her though.

Phil “PM” Modesto
I don’t have an MBA in business and marketing but shouldn’t the goals of a company be to make profit and NOT alienate your main customer base?

Joe Firma
There is a collective responsibility for Anheuser-Busch, including the CEO and the Board of Directors for promoting to VP of Marketing a person who does not know the people who buy their product.

What are the political implications of Bud light actually admitting that being inclusive was the worst business decision they ever made and that appointing their first female CEO is where all the trouble started?

Carolann McGough
If Bud Light wanted to speak to a new market, they should have invited me and my 40s and 50s besties for a women’s night out where we talk about life, love, business, and humanity….. “Share your life.. with a Bud Light” ………..instead of someone who makes fun of what it means to be a “girl”. None of my friends show up in ridiculous outfits jumping up and down, talk about what it means to be a “girl”… we don’t have to talk this way because it’s who we are …. we talk about how we improve our lives, impact our communities, help others, grow our businesses, and support our families…. all with honor, respect, care for ourselves and others… Bud Light …. the next time you hire someone to do a job, investigate who they are and the values they bring to your company … not just what their resume says….. “Be good at what you do… and GREAT at who you are”



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