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Big Mac Has New Ingredients. The World has Gone Mad!!!!

Big Mac Has New Ingredients. The World has Gone Mad!!!!

By Sky News Australia

Sky News host Rowan Dean has proposed a “carbon neutral Big Mac recipe” to cut down methane emissions “in line with Labor’s plan to save the planet from catastrophic climate change”.

“Two all-bug patties, crispy kale, lettuce, fleas, crickets, roaches, on a methane-free bun,” Mr Dean said.

Here’s what others had to say:

Thanks for making the bleak outlook more bearable with your humor.

Danny 200MPH
Soon McDonald’s will be serving BUG-MAC. Thats goona save the planet for sure.

I heard in The Netherlands, since shutting down Dutch farmers, that in one city companies can’t even advertise meat in public places now. McDonalds can’t advertise Big Macs. This is insanity. I mean, maccas is garbage, but the agenda is the issue.

AmNi Clem
Lmao you guys over in Australia crack me up! You know Klaus has that on the new and improved, cow fart free menu

Jezebell Pecoraro
Newsflash: Fast food HAS been using compressed bugs in their patties for a while. For at least two years now.

Radio free Albemuth
Al gore in his Oscar winning documentary said Antarctica would be gone by 2014 and polar bears would be extinct. Polar bears are thriving right now and not even on endangered list. Media was even fearmongering about 10 years ago, citing “experts” that were predicting florida would be underwater in 7 years. Australia even said 20 years ago that in 20 years, there would be no more snow. They just had historic record snowfall. Climate has always been changing. That’s why ice age is cyclical and Sahara desert was lush 10,000 years ago.

erik dee
*In the US, late 1980’s, MacDonalds sent out vinyl-imprinted cardboard records, you could play on your turn-table. It was a promotion for a $1,000,000 contest.
“If the People on this record correctly sing the “Big Mac Fillet-o-Fish Quarter Pounder French Fries, Icy Coke… etc.), you WIN!”
I got one in the local newspaper. I did not win. BUT, I played it backwards, and… there were three distinct messages in there.
Look it up.

bt spyglass
They will lose their shirts with this
And hopefully the CEOs get fired

MEAT BURGER= BEEF now lets look at the plant option According to Nestle Professional, plant-based meats are most commonly made from soy, peas, beans, mushrooms, mung beans, or wheat gluten (otherwise known as seitan). The most “advanced” plant-based meats are often a mix of some of those proteins, and many include natural pigments to make the meat look red and brown. Plant oils are often added to make the meat juicy, add flavor, or give the appearance of marbled fat.

Broken Robot
The Simpsons predicting the future again with the Krusty burger and its new simulated meat flavoured products lol.

Richard Noggin
I’m doing my part for climate change. I’ve been burning tires for months and have no plans on stopping anytime soon.

Lee Evans
I can’t stand McDonald’s, we get our burgers from the local fish n chip shop (with beetroot) You can’t compare a real hamburger with the tasteless cardboard McDonald’s dishes up.

Nothing demonstrates Dean’s hack credentials more than the phrase ‘the good old Aussie Big Mac’. This guy clearly writes his own material.

Blue Moose
In the seventies, McDonald’s lost fortunes because of a rumor of worms being added to those “all beef patties” Seems like this was just a warm-up and is ongoing…

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