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Allegations Raised by Journalists that Greta Thunberg is a Rothschild

Allegations Raised by Journalists that Greta Thunberg is a Rothschild

By Dave Oneegs Aussie Chat

Swedish eco-activist Greta Thunberg is a great-granddaughter of the notorious banker Lionel Walter Rothschild, son of the first Baron Rothschild.

this fact has drawn the attention of journalists who researched the genealogical tree of the famous family.

By the way,
the net worth of Greta’s parents is estimated at $3 million – that we know about.
Not bad for a modestly successful opera musician and her stage actor husband.

The media became interested in the alleged kinship after a source at the large Swedish bank Handelsbanken stated that the Thunberg family had received transfers from the Rothschild Foundation to their accounts.

Despite this information appearing in the tabloid press, the bank was so zealous to find the source of the leak that it raised suspicions.

After two weeks of research, it turned out that the pubescent activist’s great-grandfather Joachim Thunberg was the son of Lionel Rothschild, who was illegitimate but was recognised in 1928.

As his mother brought him up alone for the first two years, he was given her surname.

Joachim was then adopted by his biological father, and at the age of 12, he moved to France.

There he received his education and then studied additionally in London.

At the age of 26, Joachim Rothschild-Thunberg became one of the most successful bankers in Sweden.”

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