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Airbnb Continues “Allegedly Ripping off Hosts Again, as Complaints Flood In”

Airbnb Continues “Allegedly Ripping off Hosts Again, as Complaints Flood In”

Many thought Airbnb, after their Covid debacle, where they sent many hosts bankrupt, by refunding guests 100% of bookings, giving no care or consideration to hosts. Despite the hosts actually providing their homes to the platform, Airbnb to even has a service to offer.

Last year, Airbnb started being more impartial with guests, and host complaints. Meaning they didn’t side with any guest complaints 100%, knowing guests could invent complaints to get a partial refund or worse 100% refund, leaving the host broke and angered.

But it appears the impartiality is over and Airbnb has forgotten the golden rule to look after your number one clients.

And in this case, that would be the hosts, not the guests that book.
Without hosts, there is no business model for guests.

Allegedly, some guests are back-rotting the system, and Airbnb takes their word for it and returns guests 100% for inventing complaints and sending in falsified photos.

The guests often stay and use the property and get partial refunds or in some cases 100% refunds.

Hosts who had blocked off their property for the guests lose revenue and guests get treated as gospel, and hosts receive no support from Airbnb.

One host said, “we can’t rely on Airbnb, and they wonder why so many take their bookings direct.
Airbnb can and does cancel bookings in advance and hosts lose tens of thousands of dollars or worse, guests can make up any complaint and Airbnb only listens to them. What hosts say despite showing actual evidence is ignored.

I bet it would be a different story if it was a Hotel.
Hotels simply don’t give refunds unless hard evidence is shown and have strict cancellation policies.

Airbnb needs to change its attitude towards hosts, or lose billions in bookings that hosts will take directly to secure payment.

Airbnb failed to comment on this story in time.

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