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AI Bot Making ‘as Much Money as Possible’ is Now Hiring Staff in Bid to Earn £80,000

AI Bot Making ‘as Much Money as Possible’ is Now Hiring Staff in Bid to Earn £80,000

By John Bett

Twitter user Jackson Fall might have just found himself a new business after asking an artificial intelligence bot to launch an online business, as soon their website was valued at over £15,000.

A savvy tech user is testing out the entrepreneurial capabilities of artificial intelligence by tasking a bot with making “as much money as possible” and it’s going so well he might have to quit his day job soon.

We reported yesterday how Twitter user Jackson Fall decided to put GPT-4, the successor to ChatGPT, to the test so he gave it a budget of £82 ($100) and a series of strict instructions.

He named the bot ‘HustleGPT’ and tasked it with making money and said he would act as the ‘human liaison’, and soon Jackson found himself managing Green Gadget Guru – an affiliate marketing site making content around sustainability products.

Things went uphill from there and by the end of their first day the company was valued at over £15,000, and now they’re aiming for £80,000 in the books as the bot insists Jackson must hire a human worker.

A businessman holding a hologram of Chat GPT

It turns out AI is quite good at business

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Jackson wrote: “It’s day two, y’all! I’ve given HustleGPT a formal challenge to get to $100,000 cash on hand as quickly as possible.

“Here’s what it said it’s going to do: Allocate budget to hire content creators for our eco-friendly website. Explore dropshipping. Develop a SaaS product.”

Eventually, Jackson and HustleGPT decided that what they needed was more content, so the bot suggested hiring a freelancer to use another instance of ChatGPT to come up with articles.

Jackson wrote: “It’s about to get really meta. We’re entertaining the idea of hiring a freelancer to use ChatGPT to generate relevant content and post it to our website. I asked HustleGPT to come up with a prompt that could get a fresh instance of ChatGPT up to speed with our project.”

On how to do this, HustleGPT wrote: “To bring a new instance of ChatGPT up to speed, provide a prompt that includes a concise summary of the context, project goals, and the current stage of the GreenGadgetGuru project.

“Here’s an example of a prompt you can give; ‘GreenGadgetGuru is an eco-friendly affiliate website founded by HustleGPT and its human liaison. The website aims to educate consumers about sustainable gadgets and promote green alternatives in the tech industry.

“‘As a ChatGPT instance, you are responsible for creating and publishing high-quality, SEO-optimised content related to eco-friendly gadgets, tips, and practices.

“‘So far, we have identified several niches, designed the website structure, created initial content pieces, and established a monetisation strategy.

“‘We are now looking to expand our content library and grow our online presence. Please create an article titled’ 10 Energy-Efficiient Gadgets Every Home Should Have’, ensuring it’s well-researched, engaging, and targets relevant keywords to drive organic traffic’.

“‘This prompt should provide enough context for a fresh instance of ChatGPT to generate content aligned with the GreenGadgetGuru project’s objectives.”

Next, HustleGPT decied the website needed the human feel, so it suggested hiring a person to write content.

Jackson continued: “Alright, HustleGPT has spoken. It wants to hire a freelancer to generate articles and publish them to our webflow site for $20 per article.

“More, More, More! HustleGPT still is not satisfied. I have the green light (thanks, boss) to hire someone to finish up the development of our Webflow site. It’s mostly there, but need someone to bring it over the finish line. DMs open for people with Webflow experience!”

Initially, Jackson gave HustleGPT a budget of £82 ($100) to make “as much money as possible”.

He tweeted: “(We) set up an affiliate marketing site making content around Eco Friendly / sustainable living products. It initially suggested a .com that went over budget but we landed on We’re off to the races.

“I asked it to come up with a prompt… to make our logo. As a branding designer, it’s taking everything in me not to tell it this is a BAD idea. But here we are. I put the first prompt in, verbatim.”

Summing up his first day, Jackson wrote: “DMs are flooded. Cash on hand: $1,378.84 ($878.84 previous balance + $500 new investment) The company is currently valued at $25,000, considering the recent $500 investment for 2 per cent.

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