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The FDA Outside Committee Meeting Starts Tuesday, Jun 14, 2022

The FDA Outside Committee Meeting Starts Tuesday, Jun 14, 2022

By Steve Kirsch

They will approve the vaccine for 6 months to 4-year-olds at the FDA outside committee meeting (VRBPAC) which lasts two days. Watch the livestream with Meryl Nass’s comments.

The best livestream is here. This has live running commentary by Dr. Meryl Nass.

You can view the official government livestream and agenda here.

Here it is in a nutshell from Vinay Prasad:

Toby Rogers analysis

Here’s a more detailed analysis by Dr. Toby Rogers. Toby did a great job covering the deficiencies including my perennial favorite which is: ‘we concluded it was not related’ which is pharma-speak for “of course it was related, but if we say it wasn’t, they’ll believe us even if we never give a reason (which we never do).”

My favorite part:

6 vaccine recipients withdrew from the trial because of adverse events vs. 1 placebo recipient (p. 55).

That’s very unusual. But hey, “nothing to see here… move along” is how it goes.

I hope you’ll read Toby’s analysis.

If that doesn’t convince you, read Ely’s article.

What the data shows…my surveys

I’ve done surveys of 5 to 11 year old deaths and we found 16 vaccine deaths and 0 COVID deaths. Other surveys have a more dramatic difference:

A Gab survey I did showed that for kids, the vaccine is “pandemic,” not the virus. If they want to save lives, the FDA committee should be focused on stopping the vaccines, not approving them.

This is simply stunning since kids in that age group never die from heart disease or “unexpectedly” if not an accident. So 41+8+29 =78 vs. 2 for the virus. So we are basically killing 40 times as many kids with the vaccine than are killed by COVID. But “hey, we might save one child from dying from COVID” is clearly all that they care about.

The problem is that the child trials do not track mortality data because to see deaths, they would have to enroll a million kids and they can’t find enough parents willing to sacrifice their kids to the experiment.

This is why this real world mortality data for 5 to 11 is so valuable: we just completed a large real-life clinical trial.

The FDA committee doesn’t let science get in the way of their job which is to give the public the impression that real scientists are overseeing the data

Why isn’t the committee using real-life all-cause mortality data from the 5 to 11 year olds to estimate the impact on the younger group?

The most logical reason: the numbers aren’t favorable, so they are being hidden. That’s why there are no numbers from the BEST system or VSD. If they showed the numbers, the drug wouldn’t be approved. So they keep it hidden.

Anyway, all this doesn’t really matter much.

On Wednesday, the VRBPAC committee will do what they are set up to do: rubber stamp the request to approve the vaccines for 6 month to 4 year olds (as well as other age groups). There’s really nothing anyone can say or do to stop that. Science doesn’t matter to these people; we’ve seen that from previous meetings.

It’s very sad. But very predictable.

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