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The CDC Has Perfected Their Fear and Intimidation Techniques Over the Years

The CDC Has Perfected Their Fear and Intimidation Techniques Over the Years

By Steve Kirsch

Check out one of the emails I received when I asked for HHS whistleblowers. The CDC can get away with lying to the public and intimidation techniques because they are untouchable.

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Have you ever wondered why the corruption in the CDC hasn’t been exposed by whistleblowers?

In response to my latest whistleblower request, I received the following message from a doctor which I wanted to share with you:

I have had some contact with people who would fit your search – however, it appears they are unwilling to share information because of the danger of offering the information.

We have a client whose daughter had worked for the CDC but refused to sign an agreement to withhold information. She left her job and fled to an undisclosed location in <redacted>.

We had met her in 2021, and tried to link her with Del Bigtree as we have met him and are in communication with his employee <redacted>.

She said she was too afraid to speak with anyone about it. She feared for her life and her family’s lives.

So I am wishing you the best in finding someone with information. They are out there, but they have been threatened in the worst ways imaginable. You may need to offer safety for them, their families, their distant relatives, their animals and their neighbors.

If the CDC is telling us the truth, then why would they have to resort to intimidation techniques like these?

This is not an isolated report

Two of our team members told me similar stories about CDC intimidation. There was no overlap in the stories but in both cases, the people at the CDC were scared enough not to reveal anything.

Surely, the HHS Inspector General’s office should know why intimidation techniques are necessary at the CDC, wouldn’t they? Maybe someone in Congress could ask them?

How they can get away with doing this

Do you want to know how they can get away with using such techniques?

It’s simple: the CDC is untouchable; they can do no wrong. It’s as simple as that. If VAERS shows that over 400,000 Americans were killed by the vaccine and the CDC says that they haven’t found a causal relationship, the vaccines are perfectly safe.

Consider the following comment I received:

The CDC did a study that proved the MMR vaccine caused autism in African American boys.

The CDC then hid the study and disposed of the original data.

One person in the CDC kept the data and discussed it with a scientist who advocated for individuals injured by the MMR vaccine (Brian Hooker).

He convinced him to somewhat go forward (had to push him by using recordings of their conversations), and they gave the documentation showing the fraud at the CDC. The one member of congress who was willing to consider/listen to them and keep the documents was Bill Posey (who many parents in the autism field feel has treated them really well unlike the other members of Congress).

This is Posey giving a statement in front of congress asking for an investigation of the CDC on July 29, 2015:

This a brief summary of what happened with the whistleblower per conventional sources:

This is a brief summary of what happened per Hooker (more detailed accounts such as in books have also been written):

The CDC essentially hushed all of this up and it was completely forgotten.

There may have been other whistleblowers but this is the only high profile case I know of and it was fairly recent. Nothing was ultimately done about any of this and the Obama administration covered it all up.

When Thompson originally raised the issue with the MMR paper to his superiors in 2004, he was put on leave of absence and was recommended for psychological treatment.  This is SOP for the CDC as any scientific dissent morphs into a HR problem where the dissenter is labeled “rogue” or “crazy.”

Today, Thompson isn’t talking to anyone. I believe they have made threats to him to preclude him from leaving CDC as he would be much more of a threat to them on the outside than on the inside. Some people speculate that they threatened him with Federal prison if he shares any documents with me.

There is a clear pattern of scientific corruption at the CDC

Of course this isn’t the only example of CDC corruption, it’s just the most recent.

I’ve written earlier about what happened at Simpsonwood where the CDC covered up the data linking thimerosal and autism.

Even today, the CDC is still claiming on their website that thimerosal is eliminated from the body.

That’s a lie. We knew this was wrong 17 years ago when the Brubaker study was published.

Here’s an excerpt from my article:

Was the 2005 Burbacher study wrong about the mercury going into your brain? Nope. It’s been confirmed 21 times. Here’s the most recent review showing that the mercury in thimerosal goes into your brain, confirming what we knew 15 years ago: 22 studies showing ethyl- and methylmercury cross the blood-brain barrier using the same LAT system.

Here it is right from the abstract of the recent 2020 paper Examining the evidence that ethylmercury crosses the blood-brain barrier:

There is no accountability

So there it is in black and white. The science says 22 studies, starting 50 years ago, shows that the CDC is lying to the American public on a very serious health issue.

But as you saw earlier, nobody (except Congressman Bill Posey) holds them accountable, so they can get away with lying to the American public without anyone ever calling them on it. The New York Times is certainly never going to do it. Neither will anyone else in mainstream media.

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