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Federal Mask Mandated Voided by Federal Judge in Florida

Federal Mask Mandated Voided by Federal Judge in Florida

By Steve Kirsch

Each transportation company can still require you to wear it but the five largest air carriers have DROPPED the mandate! Passengers cheered upon hearing the news!

As I’ve said many times, masks are useless if you want to stop the spread of COVID. For example, see how our team showed the Bangladesh mask study showed nothing about whether masks work or not).

Even more stunning is that the single best study of masks (in Finland) showed, that if anything, masks made things worse and made you more likely to be infected (watch this Vinday Prasad video, it’s awesome).

So it was nice to see that a Federal judge in Florida ruled today that the CDC overstepped their bounds in mandating masks without even bothering to seek any public opinion first.

Update 4/18/22: Five largest air carriers drop the mandate!

Expect the Biden administration to appeal.

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