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Possible Life Saving Information Found Here

Possible Life Saving Information Found Here

By Damian Spaulding

Possible life-saving information found here.

Here’s what others had to say: 

Rita Marrari
Remember all supplement companies are not the same

Rita Marrari
Quality is very important. Research your supplement manufacturer carefully … choose pharmaceutical grade …. Kirkland, Jamieson, centrum etc

Susan Safi
In Australia we can be charged even jailed for getting these meds. At customs they’ll hold it and make you prove you have a prescription, all the while threatening you with being charged or even jail time.
If you do produce a prescription, even then you don’t get your package

Rob Alvarez
How can you get 10,000 mg of vitamin C a day that is a HUGE amount and most supplements are much lower

June Griffith
Hydroxychloroquine has been successful against the malaria virus in the tropics for decades, it prevents the virus for binding to the cells .. it will act the same against the Covid … I will take that

Christopher Clements
We can’t get ivermectin in Australia?
All day chemist won’t ship anymore, does anyone know how to work around this please???

Rita Marrari
Quality is very important … research your supplement brand … Kirkland, centrum , one a day most brands won’t cut it !!! Find a drug grade or pharmaceutical grade manufacturer! Feel free to message me if you want more info.

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