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Why Did Australians Choose to Get Vaxxinated Against COVID-19? Did They Really Choose?

Why Did Australians Choose to Get Vaxxinated Against COVID-19? Did They Really Choose?

By Discernable

Why did Australians choose to get vaccinated against Covid-19? Did they really choose?

Discernable guest Clare Pain is a medical journalist who wrote educational material for doctors throughout the pandemic and after noticing strange and sudden changes in her industry she started to investigate matters.

In particular, she wanted to know whether valid consent was received for Covid-19 injections in Australia and her workplace declined the idea, she commissioned her own survey of 27,000 Australians. The quantitative results are presented in our longform interview with Clare but she also received a large amount of qualitative data.

Here are the free-form responses she received from Australians describing why they received injection(s). The reasons range broadly over 25 minutes and are presented in categories.

They should be read in conjunction with the Australian Immunisation Handbook and Article 6 of the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights.

The statements on screen are raw and uncensored and do not necessarily represent the views of Discernable or Clare Pain.

Some observations:
From those who felt coerced or forced, there seems to be a lot of anger expressed toward governments but not much toward other Australians who willingly wanted one of the Pfizer/AstraZeneca/Moderna/Novavax products.

From those who willingly wanted one of the Pfizer/AstraZeneca/Moderna/Novavax products, there seems to be a lot of anger expressed toward other Australians who were less willing.

There is a surprisingly high amount of misinformation such as believing Australian laws automatically gave mask exemptions for the vaccinated, or that you could travel further than 5kms from home in Melbourne if vaccinated.

There is a sizeable number of people who altruistically made the effort to protect their community, family or other group.

There is an overwhelming pattern of being forced by authority figures: employers, judges, medical professionals denying treatment etc.

Much of the pressure seems to be second order effects of government mandates ie social, work or bureaucratic threat be denied some part of normal life even in spheres where discretion was available (privately enforced mandates).

The classical reason for vaccinating (to protect yourself through acquired immunity against a disease) constituted a minor percentage of the responses.

Here’s what others had to say:

canis lupis
We learned that bullying is OK in our society if you are “on the right side of history”. That discrimination is legal and even encouraged if you fall outside those specific protected classes. That informed consent was a figment of our imaginations, pretty words but not practised in reality. That people will fold like an umbrella at the slightest touch.

Mark Harding
There were so many that I know who were forced, but also a surprising number of people who fell hook line and sinker for the fear propaganda and enthusiastically went out to get the jabs… even boosters. Many who were forced, and I imagine many who enthusiastically got them, also had severe adverse reactions, so many heart conditions in people in their 30s, it’s beyond criminal.

Dieter Brekhaus
Many years ago I went to the Pearl Harbour national memorial and read each name of those who lost their lives, it was a very lonely and personal experience that felt surreal. This list gives me a similar feeling.
I remain unvaccinated and suffer the consequences of my actions without remorse, but feel for all those people who had too do whats best for themselves and family.

Song Writer63
What the govt and the businesses and the pharma and the media have done is literally unforgivable.
We will never forgive and we will never forget.

Muffin Machine
I honestly feel for all the people who were forced/coerced or manipulated into getting something they didn’t want or know enough about.
I can’t imagine the frustration and anger after being coerced into getting the jab only for most vaccine mandates to be removed months later. They essentially got the jab for nothing, and thats awful.
I know the vaccine hasn’t injured everyone, but the amount of friends and family which are struggling health-wise is scary. Several friends and even my mother are having chest problems and getting tired after a simple walk or flight of stairs. Other relatives have even had myocarditis or bells palsey.
Im glad i didn’t get the jab but i was luckily in a fortunate situation where i could just study online. Others weren’t so fortunate.

1 minute in and im ugly crying. I wanted to boast about not being pushed into it, but now I just feel like shit. I’m sorry we are all going through this.

what breaks my heart more is that if all the people who didn’t want it said no, then the mandates would be meaningless. we had a chance a to stand together and push back. but we are all in our heads about being the only one.. we where the majority.

Watched the whole thing from a distance (Victorian living in Mongolia) and feel relieved to have avoided the stronger waves of coercion that so many thousands were put through to continue with their jobs. Claire reminds me of a teacher I would have liked to had at school. She’s a wonderful woman.

At first I felt sad but now I feel nothing at all.
They’ve made an enemy out of me and I intend to fight with every remaining breath in my life, in whatever way possible, forevermore. I will never be coerced.
Give me liberty, or give me death.

Toni Dantonio
Thank you discernible team for exposing this criminality against our fellow Australian. There are no words.

Angela Gabriella
My heart shattered & sunk as I witnessed my dear friends & some family slowly give in. It was like watching a game of dominoes falling. But then I become determined to stand up when my beautiful innocent youngest daughter secretly took it so she could be with friends. Terrifying to see how easy it was to divide & damage a nation of good people.

David G
Was very fortunate I was in a position to refuse, and I still refuse. I refused due to ethical and health concerns, and for those who were forced into it (my parents). I won’t be an experiment for criminal corporations and their spineless political lackeys.

Matrix Decoded
Imagine if all the people who complained they were blackmailed into being jabbed over their job had walked instead of caving? Imagine if the jab mandates had instead turned into a nation wide strike? Imagine if those who could had shared their food with those who couldn’t? Imagine if Australian’s actually acted as a community instead of divided and separated individuals? Imagine if Australian’s had stood by each other?
My wife and two others lost their jobs while the rest made the excuses presented in this video. Think anyone would have lost their jobs if even 1/3rd of her co-workers refused? My youngest son lost his job. Same question. My middle son lost his job. Same question. I want to know what those who claim coercion did to support the few who did say no? It’s a rhetorical question though. I already know. If they were going to do anything they would have said ‘no’ too and if they had no one would be were they are now.

pete pumpkin
Coles sacked me when I stood my ground after being with the company for over 6 years. They kept offering me ‘free’ counseling. They also withheld my entitlements for months after being stood down – another kick in the teeth. The SDA union were useless. Besides only a few that took it for health reasons, most of the youngsters I spoke to only did it so they could ‘go on holidays’ etc

Mr. Smith
It just goes on and on, doesn’t it? This has been a learning moment for all Australians about saying no to bullies and not letting them get you over a barrel in the first place. These governments have done some seriously irreparable damage to their credibility.

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