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Why Covid and Climate Ruined our World: The Full Explanation!

Why Covid and Climate Ruined our World: The Full Explanation!

By Science Simplified – The Fat Emperor


Best talk I’ve ever seen on the history of WEF, Rockefeller, and all the institutions which have corrupted our world. This one needs to be shared with maximum prejudice, as it fully explains Covid19, the Climate Change Agenda, and so much more. A catastrophic loss of our freedoms will occur unless the people understand what is happening, and WHY.

Here’s what others had to say:

Schwab must be proud of ardern.. she done her worst on all fronts, just like trudeau, nehammer and macron. All of them showed huge contempt for their citizens.
Ardern founded ‘the disinformation project’ she has her own ‘truth’ network. She is the woman who spouted ‘we (government) are your single source of truth’… why only so few people seen this huge red flag I do not understand… oh they were fearmongered and brainwashed by the covid propaganda.
How will we make others see before it is to late?

“Once you’ve been to Cambodia you’ll never stop wanting to beat Henry Kissinger to death with your bare hands.” – Anthony Bourdain

How do we fight back against such forces that have shown their strength and determination in bringing their plan so close to fruition already? Who will stand up and lead us out of this nightmare, coordinate a plan of action for the awake to take?

I’ve been following this Globalist Agenda for the last 50 years..this info all checks out…unfortunate for the sheep – useless feeders…who bought into the myth of the State being our friend as all ideologies toward the middle to crush it out of existence…guess who is stuck in the middle…?? The Monkey. Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose….so be happy with NOTHING…as that is what these monsters think of us. Nazi’s were never beaten in WW2…they were only replaced with a New Host to feed off of. Welcome to the NWO.

Excellent talk putting all the complex history of the WEF and all its participants and supporters into one cohesive narrative.
Dr Jacob Nordangård names names and quotes from speeches and agendas to back up his research. This is the first talk to cover so much of the universally destructive WEF movement currently underway that I have ever heard.

There’s no chance to stop them now because the mainstream crowd still refuses to do any business with us. The society has clearly been divided on psychological lines. There’s no future in modern cities for awakened people. The more you refuse to accept this truth the more miserable our lives will become. We have already lost this one sided war with a wide margin. A robust and independent awakened society with an alternate economy is the need of the hour. It was always the only sustainable solution for these problems. More and more critically sound people need to form groups and migrate to the distant countryside in order to create a separate society with its own governing laws.

Maybe ditch paypal…. not because ‘they might defund you’ but because it is precisely the proactiveness we all need to be doing….. same goes for fakebook, de-googling yr phone, using cash, etc …..take your business elsewhere – SACK PAYPAL?!!

I know this story. It took me years of following lectures by political analysts, economists and doctors, dietitians, reading articles etc. This is the plan. The problem is it happens by deception. They have deceived us in the past with their fake allopathic healthcare, fake ultra processed foods and their fiat money, so we should not believe their beautiful stories about equality, no more hunger, healthcare, etc. Like the man said, we should take our lives into our own hands. Time to make different choices that serve us and the planet and not just the “happy few”. Once there is a global government, it will be seized by those who deceived us so much in the past.

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