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Video of Australian Police Bashing Unarmed Grandpa Danny Lim Goes Viral Worldwide!

Video of Australian Police Bashing Unarmed Grandpa Danny Lim Goes Viral Worldwide!

Video of Australian Police bashing unarmed grandpa Danny Lim goes viral worldwide!

78-year-old Lim has claimed police “smashed me on the concrete floor” despite not being charged with any offenses.

“I could be dead when they threw me down like that,” he told The Guardian from the hospital.

Murphy said a neurosurgeon would assess Lim regarding the brain bleeding on Wednesday.

“Right now in hospital: Condition serious, Danny Lim after police violence today. Staff in tears,” he said.

Urgent! Police ASSAULT old man Danny Lim!

Here’s what others had to say:

Juul Clark
I was shocked to see how disgusting these low-life uneducated police who are given a little bit of power and abuse it, treated a 78-year-old man! They should be ashamed of themselves! I hope the victim’s family sue the police for this brutal assault on an elderly man!

John Graves
I’m an ex Federal Officer and the police in this video are using unreasonable force under Law, either their training is inadequate or what I observed was wilful disobedience and thuggery carried out by government thugs also because I could hear anything leading up to this abominable treatment of a sovereign citizen under common law which these officers ignored under section 61 of the Magna Carta 1215 and ratified again in 2001 by the council of Barons, When King Charles made the Coronation Oath he would have promised to defend the rights of all citizens in commonwealth countries to protection against tyrannical rule supported by a police state, they the police are guilty of crimes against humanity, But Danny Lim will get justice I promise, I served in our military for over 20 plus years, so we wouldn’t have this police state thuggery, keep up the good work Cossack.

George Poulos
I have personally met this bloke in the past, he wouldn’t hurt a fly. My understanding of him is that he is a very humble and respectful person. To see the way he was treated for no apparent reason is very concerning and extremely alarming. The 2 officers in the video should be ashamed of themselves.

sorry to see this old guy being damaged like this by these police thugs. I’m of an ethnic background and find it hard to watch a fellow ethnic who has lost respect and dignity for the elderly. I pray for this elderly man that he may have a full recovery. Thanks Cossack for bringing this to our attention..

F*ck NWO
I live in Germany. Older people are also brutally taken away by the police here. This can lead to serious injuries and even death. We have to document that and show it to the public. There shouldn’t be anything like that.

Mickey Mouse
What a DISGRACE . Australians need to take a STAND . Enough is Enough

Laurence Tilley
That was absolutely disgraceful. These two gangsters are twice Danny’s size, they could have picked him up and sat him down without the violence. To slam him from waste height into a concrete floor face first was life threatening.These cops must be charged and sacked.

I am speechless such a fragile old man, they used such force! Aggression is disgusting! Why could they do something humane, offered him a meal or even a coffee-and spoke to him, showed him the respect the elderly deserve. This is unacceptable- disgrace!

Jaysson Moggalicious
Just another reason why every person needs to be armed to protect themselves from violent criminals.

Bob Smith
That is utterly sick. These are the same coppers who bashed people for not wearing a mask.

What a total disgrace! This needs to be made public and that animal that threw this elder down should be sacked!

Margie Pryce
how disgusting that PEOPLE walked right past this old man without questioning the outrageous behavior by the NSW police. You’re so right Aussie Cossack…we the people are losing all respect for the cops, who swear to serve us! And those people who just walked on by, will be the same people who would expect us to stand up for them, when they come for them. what is it going to take before the ordinary citizen will stand up to all this corruption?

Tell them they’re dreaming
Straight up Elder abuse. This could be your grandparent. A fall such as that at Danny’s age is known to cause the demise of many. That is an absolute evil act by the nsw police. Not much brings me to tears but I am struggling to hold them back right now may Danny recover quick and those police officers be held to account!.

Crazy Duck
a proud parent will be telling friends and relatives how their son or daughter is in the police force now, without a clue about the disdain most socially aware have for police. This behaviour is outrageous. Here for Danny Lim.

Jacqueline Jeffrey
So disgraceful, I just can’t believe this! This poor man, my God!! Those thugs need to be charged, So upsetting to see this happen to Danny he wasn’t doing anything wrong.



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