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VAERS Isn’t Overreported. That’s a Big Fat Lie

VAERS Isn’t Overreported. That’s a Big Fat Lie

By Steve Kirsch

The “experts” say that the reason the VAERS numbers are so high is that so many people are now aware of it so there are more reports. Oh really? Then how do you explain these results?

I often hear people claim that the higher death rates in VAERS are simply because people are now aware of VAERS. But they are never able to explain why people then report at the exact same rate for deaths from other vaccines as they were before, yet for the COVID vaccines, they report deaths at a 40X higher rate than for all vaccines combined.

The deaths reported to VAERS every year for all other vaccines combined has remained stable. How come there is a >40X spike for ONLY the COVID vaccine?

Background event reporting

If everyone is simply reporting “background” events for the COVID vaccines, then background events should be elevated.

The COVID vaccines aren’t known to cause metal poisoning. That would be a background event unrelated to the COVID vaccine.

So if everyone is simply reporting background events at a higher rate, then why is there no signal here?

My survey of healthcare workers

My surveys (done by a third party polling firm) show that the “propensity to report” is unchanged this year. No surprise since people’s behavior is very hard to change.

I even supplied the raw data on the survey to UPenn Professor Jeffrey Morris. See any postings where he proclaims, “proof of overreporting!” I haven’t.

I will publish the results in a future post.


The people who claim that “it’s just overreporting this year” are lying to you. The “propensity to report” is pretty much unchanged as you can see from the death reports from all the other vaccines combined.

If there is overreporting, why aren’t they publishing their data to prove I’m wrong? And how do they explain that OpenVAERS chart at the start of my article?

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