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URGENT INFO: How to DETOX from DIOXIN Exposure

URGENT INFO: How to DETOX from DIOXIN Exposure

By Health Ranger Report

Mike Adams shares a little-known method for protecting your body from dioxin exposure by using a nutraceutical molecule that’s synthesized automatically in certain types of sprouts. You can sprout these yourself for pennies. Listen for full details.

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American Intelligence Media says the East Palestine derailment was a false flag.
They said that Hazmat suits weren’t being used by responders and other.

Thomas Guitarman Shermanisland
we need to get to the bottom of this, had to be something dangerous in all that smoke, what about reports of animal deaths and human symptoms reported can’t be all made up, if it was not these dangerous chemicals, why did they set it on fire? They always do predictive programming and simulations Yes those derailment videos are there, Antifa claims responsibility.


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