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The Truth About “Polio” Paralysis: It Was DDT Poisoning

The Truth About “Polio” Paralysis: It Was DDT Poisoning

By Robin Monotti | Dr Mike Yeadon | Cory Morningstar

The truth about “polio” paralysis: it was DDT poisoning.

“Flying and Biting Bugs on Jones Beach Die in a Cloud of DDT, New Insecticide—A truck-mounted for generator squirts the poison, mixed with oil droplets, over a four-mile area of the New York City playground. Spread by Army and Navy planes and by hand sprays, DDT routed dangerous disease-bearing flies and mosquitoes on Pacific islands. DDT has a drawback—it kills many beneficial and harmless insects, but does not kill all insect pests. Birds and fish which eat large numbers of DDT-poisoned insects may be casualties too. (National Geographic Magazine, October 1945, p. 410)”

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