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The Mandates Are Back

The Mandates Are Back


VSRF is gearing up to defeat them before they spread across the country.

Several weeks ago, we all started noticing the increased chatter about the latest Covid-19 variant and the booster that was coming in the Fall.  Immediately, I was concerned that this meant a return to the Mandate regime.  Unfortunately, this was confirmed today.  The Mandates are back.

This time however, we are ready for them.  It is vital that VSRF continues our work in defeating the mandates before they once again spread across the country- destroying millions of lives and tens of millions of jobs, small businesses, and educational dreams.

In addition to ramping up production of our Rumble weekly broadcasts, VSRF is gearing up to produce and distribute an up-to-date guide to defeating any new mandates that appear this fall.  This brochure will provide families, individuals, employees, and students with all the resources; financial, legal, educational, they need to resist and refuse to comply.

We need your help more than ever.  Will you reach deep and support our work?  So many organizations and prominent individuals have “moved on” from Covid-19 but VSRF remains constant, steadfast, and prepared for this next wave of Covid mandate madness.

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