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The COVID Vaccines: “Unsafe and Ineffective”

The COVID Vaccines: “Unsafe and Ineffective”

By Steve Kirsch

It’s time for the CDC to call a spade a spade. The data is overwhelming: these vaccines make you more likely to die: from COVID as well as many other conditions (including “died suddenly”).

In my previous survey, I showed that:

  1. 19% of vaccinated deaths were due to COVID
  2. 19% of unvaccinated deaths were due to COVID

Now, at first glance, you might conclude that the vaccine was completely ineffective: a big fat zero.

But that would be wrong.

Do you know why?

It’s because we know from other studies (such as the scatterplots from Josh Stirling that will be released later in Jan) that the overall all-cause mortality is higher for the vaccinated. So that means on an absolute basis, the vaccine makes you more likely to die from COVID, not less likely, for every age group.

In plain English, it means there is NO DEATH benefit whatsoever for the COVID vaccine in protecting you from dying from COVID; it’s the opposite: it makes you more likely to die from COVID (and lots of other conditions).

There is only downside to taking these vaccines. Period. End of story. Full stop.

Could I be wrong?

Of course I could be wrong. For example, any single survey is biased since you rarely can survey everyone in the country and get a true answer.

Has anyone shown me compelling evidence I’m wrong? Nope.

Have I tried to seek out such evidence? You bet I have. I had over a dozen $1M bets offered until recently and had no takers. Nobody was confident enough in their beliefs to actually put money behind their beliefs. In Texas, they call this “big hat, no cattle.”

But finally, I did find someone to take me on: Saar Wilf. Saar thinks the vaccines saved more lives than they cost. I think it’s not even a close call. Saar is willing to bet $500K that he’s right. I called his wager and raised it to $1M.

I’m thinking of possibly creating a side pot for people to join in and bet alongside the hypothesis that you believe in.

So let’s see the strength of support for both hypotheses…

If I get enough interest on both sides, I may set this up.

But I suspect that most people will only put their money behind the “unsafe and ineffective” hypothesis. So it might be hard to find a counterparty to support Saar’s contention.

But let’s see. I’ll follow what the data says, no matter where it may lead.

Let’s try this poll first. But when we ask people to deposit cash, that’s when we will see the truth come out.

How you can help us win

In the comments, please tell me what evidence that you think is the most compelling to prove our case, e.g., a couple of hyperlinks of the most compelling studies so we don’t miss anything.



The CDC lied, people died.

The vaccine doesn’t provide a death benefit from dying from COVID; it does the opposite! It doesn’t provide any benefits at all. It depresses your immune system and attacks your body. It kills people. It is arguably the worst “vaccine” ever made. That’s why they had to mandate it in order to get people to take it and why they need liability protection for the manufacturer.

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