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Support Medical Freedom of Speech on the Covid Vaccines

Support Medical Freedom of Speech on the Covid Vaccines


Top orthopedic doctor Mr. Ahmad Malik has to resort to Twitter to reveal he is being asked by medical bodies to stop speaking of his jab concerns, and to remove his recent video from Twitter where he asked for a cessation of the jab rollout.

Medical censorship is rife.

He is standing his ground and asking for a petition to be signed to support Medical Freedom of Speech on the Covid Vaccines.

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It is a doctor’s duty of care to report any potential adverse effects, raise safety concerns, and protect patients.

The GMC in its Good medical practice guide states –

“24 You must promote and encourage a culture that allows all staff to raise
concerns openly and safely.

25 You must take prompt action if you think that patient safety, dignity or
comfort is or may be seriously compromised.”

There is significant associational and causal data of serious adverse effects on the Covid mRNA vaccines, enough to warrant investigation, if not suspension.

Sadly, any doctors speaking out are being pressured, coerced, and intimidated in an attempt to silence their voices.

Instead of listening, they are being persecuted.

After the latest video by Dr. Ahmad Malik asking for an investigation into the vaccines, two hospital groups that he works for asked for him to stop and withdraw the video otherwise there would be consequences.

Freedom of speech, debate, and the exchange of ideas is essential for democracy and is the foundation on which medical ethics is built.


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