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Studies: Soy Formula is Filling Babies with Harmful Xenoestrogens

Studies: Soy Formula is Filling Babies with Harmful Xenoestrogens

by Chris Black


– Xenoestrogens have a much bigger impact on babies than adults.

– Soy formula contains such a high concentration of xenoestrogens that it alters the physical development of babies.


“Relative to girls fed cow-milk formula, those fed soy formula demonstrated tissue- and organ-level developmental trajectories consistent with response to exogenous estrogen exposure.”

“The daily exposure of infants to isoflavones in soy infant-formulas is 6-11 fold higher on a bodyweight basis than the dose that has hormonal effects in adults consuming soy foods.”

“Circulating concentrations of isoflavones in the seven infants fed soy-based formula were 13000-22000 times higher than plasma oestradiol concentrations in early life, and may be sufficient to exert biological effects, whereas the contribution of isoflavones from breast-milk and cow-milk is negligible.”

“For new and expectant mothers deciding on how to feed their infants, as always, we strongly support breast-feeding, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.”

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