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Statistical Fraud by NSW Health

Statistical Fraud by NSW Health

By Craig Kelly | National Director, United Australia Party

Embarrassed by the data shows, our hospitals were full of quadruple-vaxed people with Covid and not a single vaccine-free person was in the hospital with Covid – NSW Health decided to hide the data by no longer reporting it in their weekly Covid Surveillance Reports.

And now they have resorted to statistical fraud in their ‘hospitalisation by vaccine status’ reporting by combining the ‘unvaccinated’ and ‘no information’ (i.e: VAX status unknown) categories together.

This is despite NSW Health previously stating that those in hospitalised and in the ‘no information’ category as to their vaccination status ‘’are likely to have received at least one dose.’’

So this both hides the fact that there are zero unvaccinated people in hospitals with Covid and understates the percentage of the quadruple vaccinated in hospitals.

It’s a complete sham by vaccine fanatics that refuse to admit their assertions of ‘safe & effective’ was a lie that is now deliberately trying to mislead the public.

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