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POLICE Harass Patients in Hospital Emergency Ward

POLICE Harass Patients in Hospital Emergency Ward!

By Aussie Cossack

2.30 am POLICE Harass Patients in Hospital Emergency Ward! Part 3

NSW Police stoop to an all-time low. Arresting a man & wife whilst in the Emergency ward of Westmead Hospital at 2.30 AM.

@AussieCossack was charged with Section 4 of the Inclosed Lands Protection Act 1901 (NSW) (Unlawful Entry on Inclosed Lands).

The fresh charges relate to this video where @AussieCossack and his wife are seen in a YouTube video visiting a public car park in Paramatta which was partially leased for parking NSW Police cars.

Parramatta Police have since been flooded with thousands of phone calls on +61296330799 from concerned locals enquiring to the welfare of @AussieCossack and his wife.

Here’s what others had to say:

Darren Myers
From a Vic cop,
They’ve got nothing.
Open to and used by the public per definition is a Highway, even though you have to pay to park. It’s not a trespass or unlawfully on property. But that’s in vic, can’t be much of a difference in NSW. These arseholes are out to get you. I’m embarrassed to see this kind of behaviour.

How embarrassing for ordinary Aussies to see their police force stoop so low to harass a citizen in a hospital.

Sam Newman
Surely this is borderline illegal. Imagine if citizens stormed an emergency room to harass an injured police officer? Just goes to show to what level Police are willing to go.

Brian Ferguson
I’m just amazed at the amount of people on this planet going along with this pure Nazism. In Australia, New Zealand, The U.S, the Netherlands…everywhere.
Where the hell did these people come from?

Les Welch
So entering a private car park legally, is now illegal, that makes so much sense. But turning up at that time in the morning for a non offence is pure harassment. The only way to deal with this is not say anything at all, just record them and do not touch any paperwork they try to give you.

ashley Verdon
I have no words,
As an Australian whose ancestors came out as servants on the first fleets I’m gutted to see what our nation has become.

It makes me ashamed to be an Australian knowing that my tax dollars are funding this blatant harassment.

Sorry you have to deal with these extremists, how they think this is an appropriate action is beyond me. Absolutely disgraceful and a waste of taxpayer moneys while real criminals run rampant in their jurisdiction.

This is madness, Obviously what you are doing is working, they are trying to find any reason to shut you down. I would have someone always recording and watching you from a distance to watch over you. You never know what they will try to do to you and your wife. Stay safe.

Maria Kiss
This is a pure harassment. Who gave the order to these three police officers to go to the hospital in the middle of the night harassing a patient? This is insane and disgusting! I can’t believe it this is happening here in our country!

David Barlow
All the Council had to do was reinstate three flags!
How much has this cost so far?
Policing Council meetings,”investigating” flag poles (when they already knew who chopped it down),and now a 2,30 am hospital visit.
I’m glad crime is so low that they have time to make themselves look like utter prats.
Watching from the UK
The world is watching the Keystone Cops revival.

Dawn to Dusk
What happened to the Australia I grew up in? I grew up believing the police were the citizen’s friend, regardless of the citizen’s political views. No longer. This is sheer bloody-minded persecution.

Brandon Simmons
This is pure harassment. Are there no laws in Australia regarding police harassment and intimidation?

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