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Open Letter to CPSO Head Nancy Whitmore to Stop COVID Misinformation

Open Letter to CPSO Head Nancy Whitmore to Stop COVID Misinformation

By Steve Kirsch

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) had a meeting with the founder of CCDH on misinformation. But he has been ineffective in stopping it. So I invited the CPSO to a open dialog.

Nancy Whitmore, CEO of College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO)

Executive summary

If organizations like the CPSO want to stop misinformation, they are going about it the wrong way. Instead of meeting with the “experts” who have utterly failed to stop the flow of COVID misinformation, they should take us up on our offer to meet with us and show us how we got it all wrong.


Nancy Whitmore, CEO of CPSO, recently sent this email to all their doctors.

Here’s the key part:

We were also extremely fortunate to have Mr. Imran Ahmed, Founder of the Center for Countering Digital Hate, give a powerful and thought-provoking talk about health disinformation and digital hate that continues to proliferate online. Mr. Ahmed shared stories and examples of how the lack of regulation and negligence in the “Big Tech” industry, which connects over 4.5 billion people around the world, is “putting us on a terrifying trajectory of chaos.” I strongly encourage you to read the eDialogue cover story and learn how you can help counter health misinformation. We are also going to be hosting Mr. Ahmed in our next “In Dialogue” podcast episode, so stay tuned for more.

They also posted an article about the meeting which you can read here.

The solution

The way disagreements between people are resolved is through dialog between the parties.

Listening to people like Imran Ahmed is not the way to solve the problem. I’ve reached out to Imran in the past suggesting we meet to resolve our differences. Not only did he ignore my outreach, but he also did this:


Blocking scientists is not the way to resolve the issues

Clearly, he thinks blocking us is the best way to resolve our differences. Where is the science behind that approach? He doesn’t provide any references.

The experts say the opposite: scientists with differing views should be heard, not demonized. That op-ed was written by the former Dean of the Harvard Medical School and by UCSF Professor Vinay Prasad, Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, and a practicing Hematologist Oncologist at San Francisco General Hospital and the San Francisco VA Hospital. Vinay is one of the world’s top experts on evidence-based medicine.

My offer to Nancy Whitmore

I just sent the following email to Nancy Whitmore:


COVID Misinformation is a problem. We just disagree on who is spreading it.

However, we have ALWAYS been open to a meeting where the “experts” can show us how we’ve gotten it all wrong.

Unfortunately, all the “experts” are too busy to meet with us even though this is cited as a huge problem.

So the problem persists.

How can the CPSO have the time to meet with Imran who has failed to solve the problem, and not have any time to meet with us so they can solve the problem?

I’m hoping Nancy will explain that to us. I’ll let you know if I hear anything. Don’t hold your breath.

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