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My Challenge to the Editor-In-Chief of the Lancet: Will You Walk the Talk?

My Challenge to the Editor-In-Chief of the Lancet: Will You Walk the Talk?

By Steve Kirsch

He said misinformation is a problem. I challenged him to convene a debate between the two sides to resolve our differences. What do you think he will do?

I just sent off this email to the Editor-in-Chief of The Lancet…

Subject: Aseem Malhotra and misinformation: Will YOU walk the talk?

Dr. Horton,

I am considered by many people to be one of the world’s top misinformation spreaders.

Dr. Malhotra forwarded me your op-ed.

I was wondering if you will walk the talk? Or do you think it is better to do nothing and hope that the problem will magically disappear?

Specifically, I want to know: will the Lancet moderate a debate between the two sides?

That used to be how we resolve our differences.

Or, do you believe that is it better to censor opposing views to achieve consensus? Do you have any evidence to support that approach in the case of COVID mitigation policies promoted by world governments?

See this op-ed which argues that censorship is not the best approach.

The CDC has not responded. So now it’s up to you.

We have misinformation because the people who promote the “safe and effective” narrative have never agreed to a debate in the last 3 years.

I look forward to hearing from you on your willingness to moderate a debate between the two sides so we can show the world who is telling the truth and who is not.

If you are interested, please give me a call at +1-650-xxx-xxxx.

Also, I have a statistical analysis that nobody is able to dispute that shows that the vaccines at best aren’t safe or effective. It would take any researcher 24 hours to collect their own data and about 2 days to analyze this. It’s surprising no one has done this. Or maybe they have and perhaps they don’t like the result? To be clear, some data scientists disagreed with the analysis, but were unable to articulate a valid concern. Uh oh. Why doesn’t The Lancet ask someone to replicate my survey? Are you afraid of what you might find?


What will Dr. Horton do next?

I think the only thing Dr. Horton will seriously need to ponder is whether #1 is better or worse than #3:

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