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MIT Professor Retsef Levi Speaks With me About How the Israeli Ministry of Health Ignored all the Safety Data on the COVID Vax

MIT Professor Retsef Levi Speaks With me About How the Israeli Ministry of Health Ignored all the Safety Data on the COVID Vax

By Steve Kirsch

The inside scoop on how the Israeli MoH commissioned a safety study and when the results were bad, they quashed the study and stopped collecting new safety data. That’s how science works.

For background on the Israeli MoH safety study, see The Israeli Ministry of Health hid COVID serious adverse event data from the public.

After that presentation, I interviewed MIT Professor Retsef Levi for his perspective and how he can remain so calm reporting on the corruption (detailed in that article).

We also clarify various details.


Here’s what others had to say:

Steve, this all was done on purpose. I’m so glad I saw it and ne and my immediate family did not take them. I was willing to lose my job. almost did. But if I died it wouldn’t have mattered if I had a job.

I’ve heard about this several months ago when it was swept under the rug and apparently they still didn’t do a deep cleaning.
I’m with Steve, and me too livid about it, especially when I see children are masked at the grocery store and walking with parents outdoors and many times the parents are not wearing a mask. I really moments away from holding myself back and start yelling to those parents!

So Steve, now do you see that they are willingly hiding the data and not blind to it? This is all about power, money and control and it was all planned ahead of time.

Same in the UK.
Substantial increase in excess death’s but apparently zero interest by Government to investigate….
They know the outcome.
I would go further, I suspect they knew before the vax launch what the impact would be to the recipients.
This is no new novel disease.

Why would health care workers need the jab when they have natural immunity and why would students need it when they have zero risk to this virus ???? They need to control us, keep power and make us pourer and them richer.

This evil/corruption won’t cause people to stop getting jabbed by these big phar mafia drugs…the government will just require them and tell you that you can’t go to school, work or fly without complying

Thank you for continuing to expose the truth. This is such valuable information. But please, please, hold yourself back from interrupting and speaking over your guests. As a listener it is so frustrating and it only serves to hurt your credibility.

And the clots in the dead are real too ,confirmed to me by an undertaker here in Ireland.
And he said they are only in the vaccinated.

“Good public health” does not exist. They do not care about health. They care about power and control. They probably always have. It’s just that now we all know it.

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