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It’s All Falling Apart

It’s All Falling Apart

By Russell Brand

As a Pfizer exec admits its vaccine was never tested on preventing transmissions, we ask, what was “get vaccinated to save other people” all about – let alone vaccine passports?


Here’s what others had to say:

phizer should be shut down completely and all involved with the vaccines for covid should be put in prison.


Nothing but a scam from the minute it was intentionally released in China. Nothing but a scam.

And still some people are lining up for their boosters, clinging to their blind obedience to the narrative. I live in NYC and people here are permanently insane. No logic whatsoever.

We knew this from the get go. Not getting the “vaccine” was simply common sense because the risk just wasn’t worth it.

I’ve been trying to tell you for quite some time Russell. The writing has been on the wall for a LONG time. This is un agenda 21 being played out in real time, with all the usual conspirators like the wef, imf, who, deep state, central banks, and so on.
You have a voice, please use it to pinpoint the real actors behind this global hostile takeover.

When I heard James Corbett say in 2020 that this is not about the virus and more about the vaccine, that is when all the pieces came together regarding depopulation and consolidation of global wealth into a few hands.

It was never about covid, it was all about changing your DNA. Don’t be naive and wait for someone to come out and say “Hi there, I’m the Antichrist and I need you to take this shot and we’ll call it the mark of the beast”. God made you smarter than that.

I spent 18 months out of 22 locked out of my Facebook account because I was posting asking questions and sharing information on Facebook, finally Facebook deleted my account for “spreading dangerous misinformation”. not a single thing that I posted was wrong.

so does that mean with the trends of dollars they’ve made that we can disband their company freeze their accounts and everybody around the world get a portion of Pfizer’s money.

So if Pfizer lied and mislead the public, thier contract that absolves them of any liability should be nul and void on the grounds of misrepresentation. The contract was signed in good faith that the vaccine would stop transmission. Thier lies and misinformation should make it possible to contest the contract.

Those questions should’ve been asked BEFORE the vaccine mandates. After all, if the idea was “to stop the spread,” there ought to be a modicum of evidence that these jabs would, in fact, do that. Fauci destroyed credibility of govt scientists and got even wealthier in the process. And no, as a taxpayer, I don’t want to fund these things when the taxpayer doesn’t get the royalties or license fees for the underlying intellectual property.

100% agree that Pfizer should never have a contract again! Government or otherwise.

and the Democratic party is complicit in genocide along with the rest of the world leaders I think that will be proven Beyond A Reasonable Doubt the very near future.

Mainstream isn’t reporting this anywhere. How the hell are the sleepers supposed to wake up.


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