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Interview With UK Cardiologist Aseem Malhotra, Survey Results, and More

Interview With UK Cardiologist Aseem Malhotra, Survey Results, and More

I interview Aseem Malhotra. Did you know that none of the UK cardiologists are getting any more jabs? The narrative is falling apart. Plus other big news…

My 80-minute interview with famous UK cardiologist Aseem Malhotra. He went from pro-vax to anti-vax. He noted that “No cardiologist that you know of is getting any more COVID jabs. That’s information that’s been shared with me since my publication.” Guess what? The mainstream UK press is NOT covering that.

In one year, the UK has gone from nearly all the UK cardiologists getting jabbed to all of them refusing to get any more. That’s a pretty dramatic shift in opinion in 1 year. The narrative cannot be maintained much longer. How many years will it be before the mainstream media reports this?

We covered a lot of ground in the 80 minute interview which I recorded using for crystal clarity of the video, then I imported into Davinci Resolve to assemble the two videos and normalize the sound levels.

Topics covered (but not in this order):

  • WHO says that patients should be fully informed of side effects but for the vaccine the rule doesn’t apply
  • Is there a scientific reason that vaccines should have liability protection? What happened when India refused to offer it? [Kudos to India for being smarter than the rest of the world health authorities ]
  • When does the nonsense stop in the UK?
  • Will anyone debate you? Why do they all refuse?
  • Is the vaccine helpful for anyone?
  • C, D, Zinc + nasal rinses: far better than vaccines for COVID?
  • 8% needed to seek medical attention after the vax (per v-safe, rasmussen, and my surveys). Is that “safe”? Or ridiculously unsafe? What should it be?
  • How many red-pilled cardiologists are there in the UK? It went from 5% against to 100% against in just one year!
  • What are the death and disability rates from the vax?
  • Is there enough evidence now to stop the vaccines? So why aren’t they?
  • Does the vax do anything good? or is it all net bad?
  • Did the press cover your paper? WTF?!!? Why not? They covered all your other papers!
  • You got the vax. Have you screened yourself for subclinical myocarditis?
  • How confident are you that your dad died suddenly due to the vaccine?
  • Nobody wanted to see the Israeli safety data. Ever heard of that before?
  • What do you think of the embalmer clots?
  • How are they trying to discredit you? Have people accused you of being a grifter? motivations?
  • Has anyone published a rebuttal to your paper? With the entire world against you (at least publicly), it seems odd nobody is challenging your papers on COVID.

Aseem’s patreon account has various levels if you would like to support his work.

Survey results

I put out a survey recently looking at deaths in patients of medical practices. In looking at the results, it appears that:
  1. Excess death rate from vax: at least 1 per 1,000 per year (so >500K excess deaths so far)
  2. Disability rate in the military from the vax among very healthy soldiers: 5% to 10% of those jabbed. It appears this impacts troop readiness in the wrong direction.

If you are in a medical practice, please consider taking my (newly improved) death survey for deaths in your patients. This is very valuable data. I’d love to get more submissions! Thanks!

Pfizer debate challenge

If the vaccines are so safe and effective, why doesn’t Pfizer challenge us to a debate?

Big news: Pro-vaxxer who mocked one of my friends is getting arrested

I’ll be able to talk about this tomorrow. The tide is turning. This guy is also a “fact checker” and I’ve debunked his fact check in an earlier article.

A discussion with Aseem Malhotra


Dr. Aseem Malhotra is a well known UK cardiologist who was promoting the jabs on TV. After his father died suddenly 6 months after he got his vaccine, Aseem started looking into the data on the vaccine and realized what he was told by the authorities was false. Instead of keeping quiet, he spoke out, big time. Thanks to his work and the work of others, pretty much all the cardiologists in the UK are REFUSING to be vaccinated with more COVID vaccines, a complete 180 in just a year. It’s just a matter of time before the whole narrative falls apart. He believes (correctly) that NOBODY should take the jab.



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