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Important: If You Work at a Hospital, I Need Your Help Now

Important: If You Work at a Hospital, I Need Your Help Now

By Steve Kirsch

I’ve expanded my survey to cover hospital statistics. If you work at a hospital, ask for the numbers. Let’s see what the real data says.

I’ve expanded my vaccinated vs. unvaccinated observational study to now include hospitals.

If you work at a hospital, please fill out this form if you can get stats on the following based on vaccination type:

  • # hospital admissions
  • #ICU admissions
  • # deaths

Your choice of time period; as long as you can get. You can use any time period you want after Jan 1, 2021.

When you fill out the form, for “group,” pick the new “Hospital” choice:

For example, suppose since Jan 2021, your hospital admitted 1000 vaccinated and 100 unvaxed into the hospital. There were 200 ICU admissions of vaxxed and 10 of unvaxxed. There were overall 50 deaths of vaxxed, and 3 of unvaxxed over the entire period.

In the example above, you’d enter into the form fields:

  • name of hospital
  • 1000 vaxxed admitted (for how many people in your group were vaxxed)
  • 200 vaxxed ICU admitted (for # vax injured)
  • 50 vaxxed dead (for # vax dead)
  • 100 unvaxxed admitted
  • 10 unvaxxed ICU admitted
  • 3 unvaxxed deaths

This can be very helpful because it eliminates the claims that my readers are biased. Hospital stats aren’t biased. Period full stop.

So these numbers, even if they are hard to get, are like gold to people like me who want to expose the truth.

Please help me out. Your name will not be released.


You will have to appeal to the CEO of hospital to get the data. Here’s one of the comments I received:

Steve, I’ve tried to get some data related icu admissions and vaccines at my hospital and it’s a land mine. The data is horribly corrupted. Sara’s post is true in my service area as well. And administration is not going to allow research into this nor will our hospitalists. The spotlight is too bright and opens them up to liability. I do anesthesia at our small hospital and talk to pts everyday that report recent (within 6 months) PE, MI, stroke etc since jabs but they often don’t correlate them. And their physicians certainly won’t, I know them personally. Would love to help, but the data is biased towards vaccines are “safe and effective.”

And here’s another:

Good luck

These numbers are ignored and certainly the administrators are not counting.

I strongly believe that the increased cancer rates and metastasis rapidly grew after the shots.


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