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FOIA Request Reveals that California Isn’t Able to Do Adequate Vaccine Safety Studies

FOIA Request Reveals that California Isn’t Able to Do Adequate Vaccine Safety Studies


Thanks to a FOIA response I just received, it’s apparent that California can’t do any vaccine safety studies to know if ANY vaccine is safe because the underlying databases don’t support it.

Executive summary

I received a FOIA response today from the California Department of Public Health that, if you read between the lines, means that California simply cannot do the safety studies required to show that any vaccine is safe or effective. Similarly, the CDC cannot do these studies either because they don’t have the record level vaccination records.

Which means of course, none of these vaccines, in post marketing data, can be shown to be safe or effective.

It’s all based on trust.

The FOIA response

You can view the CDPH FOIA response here.

Assistant Chief Counsel Keith Van Wagner did an absolutely stellar job in his response. I was really impressed. It was exactly as I expected and more.

It shows that, as I had suspected, that California is not set up to be able to do the analysis required to prove vaccines are safe or effective. See my article “Is it safe?” for details.

If they are not set up to do the analysis, it means it’s never been done for any vaccine ever.

While it is possible the linkage between records exists in other states, I’d be very surprised.

Legislation to change the status quo

I attempted to reach out to my State Senator Josh Becker to have him sponsor a bill so that the public health data would be made public so anyone can do such an analysis. I give him a lot of credit for spending over an hour discussing this topic with me, but ultimately he decided that this simply wasn’t a priority for him to act on.


“Vaccines are safe” is all based on “trust me” rather than “I’ve seen the data, trust me.”

They simply haven’t done the basic database linking to be able to even attempt a safety analysis or efficacy analysis.

You should be very worried.

We shouldn’t be recommending any vaccine until the basic post-marketing safety analyses are done and the underlying public health data is made public.

This can easily be done without violating anyone’s privacy.

Nobody seems to want to do that.

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