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EXCLUSIVE! WHO Whistleblower CONFIRMS HORROR: mRNA Narrative a Psyop, Shots are NOT Biological

EXCLUSIVE! WHO Whistleblower CONFIRMS HORROR: mRNA Narrative a Psyop, Shots are NOT Biological

By The Prisoner

Studies reveal there is no biological material in the Covid shot which means they do not contain mRNA.
Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger details groundbreaking news that the shots are 100% synthetic.
The shots are weapons of biowarfare.
Doctors are now realizing they have been bought and duped by Big Pharma.
Many are having emotional breakdowns upon realizing they’ve participated in a mass genocide.
The shots have been proven through rigorous experiments to contain nanotech and graphene oxide.
Bill Gates had led the W.H.O. vaccine plan since 2012 and he is still in the driver’s seat
Biomolecular programming can be accomplished synthetically.
Graphene oxide is the element of the computerized bimolecular lipid that is creating nanocircuits in the human body.
The mRNA tech narrative was a government psyop to deceive researchers and make them think the shots were biological.
They are not biological.

Here’s what others had to say:

Lilith Knight/DivaDrops
The Silent War with Quiet Weapons was so stealthy that we didn’t stand a chance and the ghoulz are laughing as we stock up on prep food and ammo. Our bodies AND our minds have been hacked…and there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide and no way to stop it. We were hackable after all…
Here’s the leaked NASA document from 2013 – and we are here…NOW.
It Ain’t Pixie Dust – and now we know exactly what it is…

There’s too many morons who can’t pay attention longer than a goldfish, if society could understand what she is saying there would be thousands of people fleeing the country for their lives.

To be clear, the toxic soup can and does easily contain nanites operable by the frequencies of 5g, Nanites are smaller than DUST do you think dust sized items cannot fit in a syringe????? WAKE UP and GET REAL because you are seeing the truth all around you.

There is no such thing as a biological weapon; it’s always been a chemical weapon. When you understand this, the health of our country will greatly improve.

Gail of Gaia
Isn’t it interesting how our attention was directed away to a school shooting and they want to restrict AR15’s but turn a blind eye to “shots” in the arm which are killing and injuring millions but no moratorium or anything..WHY IS THAT ???? EVERYONE SHOULD BE ASKING THAT!!!!

It is a TOXIC soup, we have known since the beginning of the graphene oxide, it was also later proven. The effects of the Mrna on the body as well. This (once again) is Genocide. Murder, sterilization, death pushed on a blinded humanity. And we that spoke, the Purebloods, were the bad guys… they say 2 to 5 yrs possible before death, aside from the debilitating side affects, but there are methods of detox. LOOK THEM UP!

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