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Everyone in the World Should Watch this Video **NOW** Before it is Censored. Especially If You are in the UK!

Everyone in the World Should Watch this Video **NOW** Before it is censored. Especially If You are in the UK!

By Steve Kirsch

UK doctors are speaking out. It’s so damaging to the narrative that even Twitter won’t let post it.

Executive summary

UK doctors speaking out about what is really happening in their practices. These physicians risk being fired and having their license to practice medicine taken away. Their crime? Telling the truth about the dangers of the COVID vaccine.

The link to the video is disallowed on Twitter and other platforms. World governments do not want ANYONE to view this video. They don’t want anyone to learn the truth.

Update 1/20/23

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Watch this video now. It is a video of UK doctors who are speaking the truth that the BBC and UK government do NOT want ANYONE to know.

This video is so damaging to the narrative that even Twitter will not allow you to include it.

Press Release: 21/12/2022

UK Doctors Call For Government To Urgently Pause and Investigate the Use of Novel mRNA Covid Vaccines

Doctors for Patients UK (DfPUK) was established in September 2022 and has become a fast-growing group of UK doctors dedicated to practising evidence-based, ethical and patient-centred medicine. Our group is borne out of increasing concerns that core principles of medical ethics are being disregarded, such as the oath to “First do no harm”, the respect for individual bodily autonomy and the need to obtain fully informed consent for all medical interventions.

Many doctors in the UK, and internationally, have become increasingly concerned about the safety profile of Covid-19 vaccines and the continued rollout of these products to the public, including children and pregnant women. Several doctors in DfPUK have submitted multiple Yellow Card reports of adverse events following their covid vaccinations to the MHRA. Not only this, but we have also signed letters to the JCVI, MHRA, RCOG, Prime Minister and others to express their concerns but have received little to no response or action taken.

Our members created this video as they felt the need to voice their perspectives, clinical experiences and serious ethical concerns. This was done in hope that our message is received and acknowledged by the relevant authorities with prompt and appropriate action taken.

This fulfils our duty, as outlined by the General Medical Council, for doctors to take prompt action when we, as clinicians, see that patient safety is being compromised.


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