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Enormous List of Post-Vaccine SUICIDES: Extremely Terrifying Trend Emerges (What Did They Inject?!)

Enormous List of Post-Vaccine SUICIDES: Extremely Terrifying Trend Emerges (What Did They Inject?!)

By Tim Truth


Here’s what others had to say:

so what will be the standard yearly suicide stats compared to the last 2.5 years since the vax rollout?
Sounds like a button is switched on and they cant stop imagining killing themselves, as has been remarked, that doctor in USA Jerry Marzinski, who studied schizophrenucs and drug users noted that they all meet the same demons and hear the same voices and the demon voices slways tell them severe negative things like to kill themselves etc.
Sounds like demons to me.

My Mom was murdered by the 3 vaxs and now my Dad has kidney disease. I begged them not to take it but they got angry and for me to get out of their house. I lost all friends and it’s hard to function knowing what is happening and NOBODY will listen. I gave up trying to warn anyone anymore.

There are videos of people called “spinners” who were vaxxed and before they die/stroke/heart attack they start looking up and around behind them and spinning until they collapse and die for the most part. You can search and find these videos. Search vaccine and spinners.

That’s particularly scary to me because of the effects I had when I got forcible anti psychotic injection.. it was like it put me in a realm of hell, all I could sense and smell was burning and death like what burning decaying flesh might be like. It was horrific and my consciousness was in a different place. I had no ability to sleep or even feel tired for a month or more. I didn’t sleep for even one second or feel the need to in all that time. It was like aliens were in me or some shit. I was seeing nothing but terror internally it was scary to even close my eyes for weeks because of the extreme low my consciousness was residing in, like trapped in black cube but descending into a bottomless abyss in spiral motion..hard to describe even. I’ve never had c vax though and never would, it must be horrifying for them they probably experience a demonic distorted version of reality because of the utter black magic poison filth they’ve been injected with. Imagine injecting something from people that utterly despise you.. the putrid antichrist ingredients and stuff they would put in. Look at the ‘spinners’ that look around before dropping and becoming rigid and dying, It seems like they are seeing or hearing some demonic shit to me. Less aware ones won’t feel as much spiritually/emotionally they just drop eventually. How will this affect peoples chances in the afterlife too though? probably horribly. Incredibly sad and angering that this has happened to so many.

Military claimed recently, suicide just superceeded combat as the #1 cause of death, in the military. And they claim, from a study, that the reason is lack of Vit D3. I think its really a lack of Vit D3, because of the cv vaccine. It depletes VitD3 production.

In midst of listening now–not sure if you will mention this–but what u said them about not testing injections for genetic disposition towards depression… makes me think of how last year they came out and said how depression isn’t due to a chemical imbalance.
Wonder if the disclosure of that has some sort of connection w injections?

I pray and i hope anyone whoever feel suicidal right now do not go through with it. If someone reads this and is suicidal please talk with someone. I know it is easy for me to write this and you feel alone but I know thier is a bunch of people who understands you and who have never met you.
Like me…
We all will be at our end…very soon… at a blink of an eye (75 years is quick… ask anyone who is 75).
If you are suffering with a terminal illness and cant get up, I understand.
Everyone else, let’s figure it out!

It would be extremely low probability for coincidental groupings of such specific AE patterns. Seems like possibly x different types of medicine each having their own consequences, like a sick experiment of different weaponry. Now consider the pattens for the lipid nano particles and their traditional use for killing cancer cells. LPN demonstrably pool in high fat organs after traveling entirety of the injected’s system. These LPN respond to EMR in variety of way, one being heat to kill cells, others being complete molecular reconstruction into alternative forms. I think we are seeing the AE of multiple molecules compositions of the LNP weapon.

In just the first few minutes you have exposed the big picture rationale behind the current governmental / NGO push for “assisted suicide”. It is to pervert the definition of suicide. Suicide induced by others action’s already has a word for it.


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