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Do Vaccines Cause Autism? It Sure Looks Like it to Me

Do Vaccines Cause Autism? It Sure Looks Like it to Me

By Steve Kirsch

I was watching a Susan Oliver video claiming it’s just coincidence. So I decided to take a look for myself. It seems clear from the source data that she’s giving you false information.

This one VAERS query which took me all of 10 seconds to do is all you need to know.

And do you see the most interesting thing in this chart?

The COVID19 vaccine isn’t associated with a single case of autism! However, upon further investigation, that’s because the symptom Autism is now entered into VAERS as Autism Spectrum Disorder. There were just 34 cases.

For the MMR vaccine, however the numbers are significantly higher than for other vaccines.

The analysis needs to be a bit more subtle that this one graph (we have to normalize by the number of doses), but the signal is just too big to ignore.

Andrew Wakefield was right. This is why the CDC ordered William Thompson to destroy all data linking vaccines and autism. Because they don’t want you to ever find out.

Here’s Susan Oliver’s video where she says it’s just a coincidence and there is nothing to worry about. She never shows any VAERS query like the one I just did. I wonder why??? It’s trivial to do, but impossible to explain away… perhaps that is the reason? And when she talks about the COVID vaccine adverse events, she doesn’t address any of the issues I’ve surface. I was not persuaded.

Watch this video of parents being polled as to whether they observed causality

You tell me…

Based on your votes, it appears Susan Oliver wasn’t very convincing.


Andrew Wakefield was right: vaccines cause autism.

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