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Did the COVID Vaccine Increase All-Cause Mortality?

Did the COVID Vaccine Increase All-Cause Mortality?

By Steve Kirsch

Top British mathematics Professor Norman Fenton says the chance of that is 99%. But he also says that the math says that your chance of convincing anyone of that is near zero.

I asked my good friend UK Professor Norman Fenton what he thought the odds were that the COVID vaccine increased all-cause mortality.

Here’s his reply. It tells you everything you need to know:

I’m over 99% sure they increased ACM but that doesn’t mean I can necessarily make others believe it to that extent. From a Bayesian perspective if somebody (before seeing the evidence) ‘believes’ the vaxx is safe & effective then no amount of convincing evidence to the contrary will shift their belief.

Ain’t that the truth?

Do you agree?


You can have mountains of data showing it is impossible for the vaccine to be unsafe.

But it appears that, in most cases, that is not the deciding factor.

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