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COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Accountability Roundtable

COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Accountability Roundtable

By Ron DeSantis


Governor Ron DeSantis holds an accountability roundtable for mRNA shots.

Here’s what others had to say:

mRNA shouldn’t be given to anyone. Revise the state law regarding forced vaccination.

Ron DeSantis should also reverse the order to hospitals on the use of Remdezivir, that drug along with ventilators are killing people. He’s letting hospitals use it until June of 2023 with zero liability.

I would like to see the scientific research and data showing COVID-19 actually existed and that it was not just another flu variant. This was a pandemic of the media.

When will people stop calling it a “Vaccine”? It is NOT a “Vaccine”. I’m sick of Doctors and others calling it a “Vaccine”. It’s a Gene Therapy and a Bioweapon!!!

My children will never have another vaccine. They are telling people other vaccines are safe. They are wrong. Autism etc is through the roof. Shame on them for saying they are safe.

continue to pray for our Governor and his team…for wisdom and discernment….to follow the leading of Gods will…

There were also whistle blower nurses’ videos that have been taken down social media of what was happening that need to be exposed.

ALL VACCINES ARE DANGEROUS! Watch VAXXED!!! Anybody that says they are safe is a doctor wanting money!

This is a necessary conversation, but it really annoys me that they act like vaccine injury is new due to the mRNA vaccines. Heartbroken parents have been trying to talk about their vaccine injured children for YEARS. They have been shunned and silenced. And that includes by the governments, health departments, and the medical community. They’re told a certain number of children (and adults) must be sacrificed for the greater good. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Now start suing the ever living F out of big pharma, the cdc, fauci, the fda and every one else behind this crime against humanity! Better yet, ARREST AND PROSECUTE THEM!

Mistakes!? Or planned! All you have to do for basic answers is to listen to the globalist and you’ll find the basic answers. The seasonal flu magically disappeared and officially there was not hint as to how one might strengthen their immune system. And even Dr. Mullis, inventer of the PCR said it was never meant to diagnose anything but merely replicated whatever it was that was put into it to make more of it for testing and research.

I wish I could afford to live and work in Florida. Illinois cost me everything. My career. My education ceased. All because I chose not to be part of the sheep herd and take their clot shot… Or submit to weekly spit tests that only the unvaxxed were required to do. These elite ass holes need to be held accountable for their unreasonable mandates.

Washington is ruled by a well organized satanic cult that has taken over many governments and institutions around the world. Thank god we have someone like Ron De Santis who executes and not bla bla bla like so many bought politicians servants of the deep state.

This is the kind of forum that we have always needed. This should be done on every level especially the FEDERAL. Needs to be OPEN AND TRANSPARENT. Thank Governor!

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