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CDC Job Posting Reveals They Lied, the Vaxxines Are Unsafe, and Pfizer Lied Too!

CDC Job Posting Reveals They Lied, the Vaxxines Are Unsafe, and Pfizer Lied Too!

By Steve Kirsch

This CDC job opening I just received says it all.

Jessica Rose said a supporter forwarded to her an interesting job opening at the CDC that she might be overqualified for. Jessica mentioned it to me and then I pointed out the hidden gem in the job posting below, so this article is now mentioned on her substack article as well.

The job posting Jessica got

Opportunity Details

Government Agency: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Contract Type: T&M
Est. POP in Months: 24
Past Performance Required: 3
Incumbency: General Dynamics Information Technology, Inc.
Location of Work: VA
Security: N/A

Scope: The contractor shall provide support and technical assistance to CDC and FDA by supporting work in the following areas. The tasks below are not in order of priority. These tasks include:
1. Administrative
2. Report Receipt/Processing
3. VAERS Follow Up Activities and Enhanced Surveillance
4. Quality Control for VAERS Data
5. Information Management

Current VAERS plans, protocols, procedures, manuals, standard operating procedures (SOPs), software, some hardware, etc. may be provided by the Government for adoption/modification (i.e., the contractor would not have to develop all entirely new products, but would have the option of rolling over/adopting/modifying existing ones). Additionally, scanning reports for the image database, certain manual data entry tasks, and other processes clearly related to paper reports shall only apply to paper reports (i.e., electronic reports do not require scanning and manual data entry, but may require redaction).

The contractor shall implement a staffing and operations plan focusing only on vaccine adverse event (VAE) reports after COVID-19 vaccines to help process an estimated 770,000 digital reports per year. Periods of heavier and lighter reporting volume are anticipated throughout the year. Contractor is responsible for maintaining active monitoring and adjusting of the number of reports processed on an annual basis.

Why it matters

There are 3 important tacit admissions in this CDC job posting:

  1. The CDC admits that the COVID vaccines are unsafe. You can’t have 770,000 VAERS reports per year with a safe vaccine. That’s unprecedented. In most cases, people only go through the trouble of filing a VAERS report if the injury is serious. Why is this ONLY happening with the COVID vaccines??? For example, check out this chart showing COVID vaccine deaths vs. deaths from all other 70 vaccines combined per year. The deaths from all the other vaccines combined are tiny compared to the COVID vaccine deaths. It’s simply stunning. While there are 50% more people who got the COVID shot than the flu shot, the comparison in the chart below is with ALL vaccines given to everyone for that year, not a single vaccine.
  2. The CDC knows the reportable adverse events are off the charts and will continue to be a problem going forward (“an estimated 770,000 digital reports per year”). Most people are not going to file a VAERS report (which is a PITA and takes 30 minutes or more) unless it is serious. I assure you that 770,000 adverse events reports per year is certainly not “rare.” In fact, the Israeli government did a post-marking survey and found there was a 4.5% injury rate from neurological adverse events alone. That’s just one category. It means they know that they lied to us when they told us that serious events are rare:
  3. Finally, the job posting is a tacit admission by the CDC that there was serious fraud in the Pfizer and Moderna trials. These trials both reported adverse events that were not significantly different from the placebo group for the first dose.Even more stunning though is this FDA review committee analysis of the data submitted by Pfizer showing that there were fewer serious adverse events in the vaccine group for anyone ages 16 to 55 who got at least one shot (see page 22 bottom): 103 if you got the shot and 117 in the placebo group.

    You heard that right. Read it again.

    FEWER serious adverse events if you got the Pfizer vaccine!!! Even though there were slightly more people in the placebo group (just by 0.2%), that doesn’t account for the 13% higher incidence in the placebo group.

    In short, Pfizer told the FDA that their drug for doses 1 is even safer than nothing for ages 16 to 55. You can’t get any safer than that.

    So if there is no significant difference between the drug and placebo, how do you explain the 770,000 adverse event reports filed per year for the COVID vaccines alone which is unprecedented in the 30 years of VAERS history. It’s more than all the previous vaccines combined over all time. That’s what nobody wants to talk about.

    Pfizer basically told the FDA that if you are 16 to 55, the serious adverse events are no different than placebo.

    The Pfizer safety report relied on by the FDA shows FEWER serious adverse events if you took the vaccine (one or more doses) than the placebo for ages 16 to 55. That’s simply stunning. Someone is lying to you and it isn’t the VAERS data or that job posting.

Source link of the job posting

Some people could argue that the listing is fake. It really doesn’t matter for the purposes of this article since it doesn’t change any of the numbers.

However, the job listing seems legit for several reasons:

  1. The CDC does need the help
  2. It’s not something you’d fabricate if you wanted to fabricate something to mislead people. When Jessica saw it she pretty much ignored it.
  3. The numbers are correct as Jessica shows in her article
  4. General Dynamics Information Technology, Inc is a credible supplier of IT services to the US government
  5. It seems too legit sounding to be fabricated

And the kicker is this, which I never knew before; GDIT appears to be the company managing contractor jobs for CDC as this Google search reveals:


The CDC knows full well that:
  1. they lied to the public,
  2. the vaccines are unsafe, and
  3. Pfizer committed clinical trial fraud.

The CDC lies, people die.

There is simply no other way to explain that job posting.

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