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Can We Link Vaccine Status to Every Crime Committed, or is it only Relevant to the Story when the Murderers are Presumably Unvaccinated from Covid?

Can We Link Vaccine Status to Every Crime Committed, or is it only Relevant to the Story when the Murderers are Presumably Unvaccinated from Covid?

By Senator Gerard Rennick

Can we link vaccine status to every crime committed, or is it only relevant to the story when the murderers are presumably unvaccinated from Covid?

The behaviour of the media in linking, by association, the completely unjustified and brutal murders earlier this week to the vaccine mandates is vile and disgusting.

By doing so they are inviting scorn and vilification on the legitimate concerns of hundreds of thousands of people who have had their lives seriously impacted by the government overreach over the last three years.

The mainstream media is in no position to accuse people of being conspiracy theorists and spreading misinformation. Nor are self righteous politicians who lie as a matter of course. They themselves have spread plenty of false and misleading information over the years.

You cannot compare one isolated act of violence to a movement of people standing up for individual rights from government oppression.

Just to emphasise.

What happened this week was a tragedy. No one has the right to take the life of another person, especially in the way the heinous attack occurred this week.

My condolences once again go out to the families of the police officers and the neighbour.

Chinchilla is my hometown. I know how hard this will be impacting people from Chinchilla and Tara. I grew up no more than 200 metres from the local police station. There is a memorial in that station to another Queensland police officer who was also shot dead in the line of duty. He was a local boy who grew up in Chinchilla at the same time I did.

I also have close family and very good friends that serve in the Police force and am aware how much pressure and danger they face every day. It takes an enormous toll on their mental health.

Being a police officer in a small town is even tougher as they are always identified by their occupation even when off duty. They deserve our utmost respect for putting themselves in the firing line every day.

It must be stressed that social media can and does take a toll on people’s mental health. It’s a relatively new medium of communication that can easily take over peoples lives. Please don’t let that happen. Online communication is no substitute for real-life interaction.

Unfortunately some people hide behind avatars to abuse and bully other people. If you are being bullied by a particular person, block them immediately. You can also report online abuse to the E commissioner. Whatever you do, don’t allow yourself to be dragged down by engaging with a nameless coward.

For those whose mental health is impacted by the mandates, a vaccine injury or any form of trauma or bullying please don’t hesitate to ask for help. There are excellent organisations such as Lifeline and Beyond Blue than can offer support.

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