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C-19 INJECTIONS NOW PROHIBITED – New ruling by Fair Work Commission

C-19 INJECTIONS NOW PROHIBITED – New ruling by Fair Work Commission


Fair Work Commission Determines that any sacking threat due to vaccine mandate non-compliance is substantial unlawful pressure and AUTOMATICALLY PROHIBITS C-19 INJECTIONS.
Any injecting practitioner when presented with the ruling must IMMEDIATELY CEASE AND DESIST AND REFUSE TO INJECT. The case has now been lodged with the Federal Court of Australia against Jetstar, Virgin, and Qantas.

C-19 INJECTIONS NOW PROHIBITED – New ruling by Fair Work Commission

UPDATE 28 Sept, 2022. For anyone seeking further advice from Glenn Floyd his website and email address can be found at

Further comment from Glenn as follows:

…Hi there, is there a copy of the determination available? Will this set a precedent for all employers? Thanks.
Glenn110, ( 9 hours ago (
Page 13, paragraph 56 QUOTE: “Whilst the Direction did involve ‘SIGNIFICANT PRESSURE’ on the Applicant to become vaccinated”. The ‘significant pressure’ determination is key because an Injecting Practitioner MUST by law screen and even if if any ‘undue’ pressure, coercion, or manipulation to be injected is applied (such as a sacking threat) the injecting practitioner MUST refuse to inject by Immunisation Guideline Criterion 2 Federal law.

The Commissioner’s remark about it not being unlawful pressure is immaterial, the ruling of FACT that it was ‘SIGNIFICANT PRESSURE’ automatically PROHIBITS the injecting practitioner injecting so the employer’s sacking threat itself AUTOMATICALLY PROHIBITED the injecting practitioner injecting and when an employer puts a barrier on its own directive; it is an unlawful directive and breach of employment contract.

You can sue the medico for criminal medical negligence, and assault and battery where they were obligated at law to screen and determine if you were there under any pressure, coercion, and manipulation to be injected.

There ‘IS’ a law that applies to employers. It is the Federal Health Department Federal Immunisation Guidelines Criterion 2 Download

They ALL MUST screen and determine if anybody attends under ANY undue Pressure, coercion or manipulation to be injected (such as a sacking threat). Because they did NOT screen you and determine this, it is medical negligence, and the employer knew or ought to have known this law exists. Ignorance of LAW is no defence. So the employer actually placed a barrier on its own directive to be injected, which is an unlawful directive. Any barrier placed by the employer, on its own directive, is an UNLAWFUL directive.

The Australian Immunisation Handbook Download


For further advice or guidance, you may like to contact Serene Teffaha or her associates. Serene is a true warrior and has been taking up human rights issues on behalf of thousands of Australians since these government crimes commenced.

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