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Australian National Review Says Re the Idea of a Covid Amnesty

Australian National Review Says Re the Idea of a Covid Amnesty

Telegram Post By Jamie McIntyre

Australian National Review says re the idea of a Covid Amnesty,” How about the need to say sorry for believing in mainstream media conspiracy theories when the so-called anti-vaxxers rightfully told you brainwashed morons, it’s a fraud and falsified pandemic, & sorry for pushing a deadly, untested, unsafe, unnecessary, experimental drug, that’s killing somebody every 15-30 minutes in Australia, and 4-8 seconds globally. (based on excess mortality since the start of 2022).
Say you’re sorry and that we are right
Beg for mercy.
Hand over your house & assets, as compensation

And we may let you not suffer the death penalty.

And let you die in jail, as it’s very important to keep you safe in jail, so you must take all the BS 19 jabs, which we will kindly donate.
I mean, deaths are so rare (never that they are rarely reported), so why would you be scared of becoming a pin cushion for Pfizer? After all, you believed a fake pandemic needed a vaccine, so take your medicine. That’s a real amnesty.

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