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Alberta Woman Files $10.5 Million Lawsuit Against Government, CBC Over Vaccine Misinformation

Alberta Woman Files $10.5 Million Lawsuit Against Government, CBC Over Vaccine Misinformation

By Rebel News


Here’s what others had to say:

Hopefully she gets a judge that isn’t corrupted by the totalitarianism crowd. There should be 1000s of these lawsuits at the minimum considering this whole plandemic and clot shots were just part of the elites culling plan. If and when enough people wake up there should be criminal charges against all who pushed this globalist agenda. You know the politicians, MSM.

“Woman files a 10 million dollar lawsuit against the government” (and if she wins, the taxpayers will pick up the tab) I suppose she could have made the decision to not get vaccinated.
“I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” Wake up folks!

The payout should be coming out of the personal pockets of those responsible, not the tax payer.

canada should not have to pay the pharma and Trudeau, Teresa, librals should be on the hook.

Carrie Sakamoto of Lethbridge.
Thank you for posting her name and location. I do not take kindly to suicidal liberal idiots trying to steal my tax dollars because of a ridiculous decision they made. She needs to be “convinced” to withdraw her lawsuit. If she were to be allowed to continue with it and win she would be taking our tax dollars. That is NOT going to happen.

Take the money awarded to the terrorist Omar Khadr and give it to her. Then take the savings and future livelihood away from anyone in power who pushed the vaccines. Regular taxpayers should not be on the hook for this.

The minute big pharma said you can’t sue them over deaths or injuries should have told everyone NOT to take it…..Then they started bribing you to take . Then if you don’t take it you get fired from your job.. b gates has been talking about for depopulation years and he can’t even stop windows from getting a virus.

We paid for the injections. We will pay for years and year to come for treating the injureds. We will now pay for all legal bills and compensations. The real responsibles will walk away free and probably re-elected or keeping their jobs.

Sad stuff. The globalists are losing on a lot of their battles to takeover our way of life but they are doing so much damage during their destruction. Very sad.


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