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96 Doctors in Quebec Call for an End to Vaccinating Children for COVID

96 Doctors in Quebec Call for an End to Vaccinating Children for COVID

By Steve Kirsch

It was the right thing to do. Bravo to them for doing this.

96 doctors in Quebec are sacrificing their careers to speak out! Here’s the summary:

See the full story here. This is progress!

COVID data repository

There is a nice repository of COVID related info here.

80 young doctors in Canada have died since the vax rollout

Here’s a story about the 80 doctor deaths in Canada collected by William Makis. I called Bill and asked him if he’s heard back from the CMA on the letter he wrote them. “Of course not!”

Canadians are rejecting the booster

And a story about how people in Ontario are rejecting the booster. They are no longer blindly following insane medical advice. This is more evidence that things just aren’t going as planned.

Think about it… only 16% are getting the jabs despite the fact that there is no safety data available!

Now, you’d expect that since there is no safety data available, that there would be 100% compliance wouldn’t you? After all, we are talking NO safety data!

The 16% compliance rate is a sign of intelligent life in Ontario.

I’m not sure what the officials there will do now. Perhaps switch ad agencies?

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