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World War III WARNING – New Intel From John Moore Raises Alarm Over Pentagon’s War Plans

World War III WARNING – New Intel From John Moore Raises Alarm Over Pentagon’s War Plans

By Health Ranger Report

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There is a historical precedent of a good probability for a military false flag being carried out by the current illegitimate US regime in Ukraine, and that is the Gulf of Tonkin incident that escalated the Vietnam war. For those interested, I suggest to do some research into this incident, but briefly, the North Vietnamese were blamed for torpedoing the US destroyers Maddox and Turner Joy of the Seventh Fleet. This alleged unprovoked attack led to the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which subsequently allowed President LBJ to greatly escalate US involvement in the Vietnam War….

Tim Jones
If this was true the process would have had to start a year or more ago, there’s no way they can get all the parts necessary to pull this off, I’m calling BS, more fear porn.

harley charlie
NATO has openly said Ukraine is fodder to ‘weaken Russia’

The destruction of the Kakhova dam is a major escalation – even bigger than the destruction of the Nordstream pipeline.
But on the Alex Jones show today all they talk about is Trump. Maybe we’ll get today’s news tomorrow.

The migrant invasion is already happening.. no military is going to stop that anyway… Depleting an enemy controlled US Military is a good thing.
If they want to send the rest of the US planes to be destroyed.. go ahead.
I doubt China or Russia want to take over the CONUS.. they want to destroy the deepstate powered by the US military and us dollar.
I say : go ahead.. better to send all the planes somewhere else… if it means avoiding a nuke.

Handmaiden of the Lord
Russia and China will be the ones. I am sick of all of the help going out of the country. European nations hsve started all the world wars. Then it seems they are all going to turn on us. At 72 we have always had boots on the ground in some country. We do not need a war agsinst each other. That is too crazy this war will not make this country wealthy.
It is sad there is do much hate.


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