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Wikipedia Co-founder Larry Sanger Says Rank-and-File Wikipedians “Don’t Care at all” About the Platform’s Original Neutrality Policies

Wikipedia Co-founder Larry Sanger Says Rank-and-File Wikipedians “Don’t Care at all” About the Platform’s Original Neutrality Policies

NEW – Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger says rank-and-file Wikipedians “don’t care at all” about the platform’s original neutrality policies.

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Wikipedia: From Democratized Knowledge to Left-Establishment Propaganda, w/ co-Founder Larry Sanger. Plus: Joe Rogan on FBI in Jan 6 | SYSTEM UPDATE #121


Here’s what others had to say:

No fluff with Glenn. Just journalism. It’s concerning that we should be so awed and he’s just doing the thing, ya know journalism. So at a time when it’s unpopular to do real journalism…it’s the courage and audacity for me. Cheers, Glenn.

YouTube is good for Pet videos, Wikipedia is good for Movies stuff and Google…..???….is good to check Weather. LOL…that’s how I use them. for any serious stuff I go elsewhere.

Thank you for documenting the systematic, organized, well-planned, large-scale infiltration and domination of large social firms by US State Security thought policemen, including completely corrupted Wikipedia (owned by Google).
We are ruled by deeply corrupt bipartisan dictators and war criminals — who are always fighting for our “democracy”.
There is currently a TOTAL fusion of CIA with DNC leadership, mass (State) media and “Big Tech”, including the RINO majority of GOP leadership — CIA is now the strongest organization on Earth and — it has gone rogue.
“Unprovoked” horror in Ukraine is one CIA’s crime examples – it will hurt future generations of US and global population. Another one is Virus crime against humanity.
Covid virus was designed and developed in US laboratory. China was just a low cost contractor for bio-weapon research that is illegal in the US.
Virus escaped from China’s lab — CIA’s MAJOR criminals should be jailed for enormous economic damage and human death catastrophe – a truly global crime horror but, especially, — in the US.
That “US security” CIA cancer should be defunded.
Vote Kennedy-24 !!!!

As long as Biden Crime family rules America we don’t stand a chance for anything normal. lord help us all.

For a long time now its been my experience that Google searches are heavily censored to point were probably 80% of the research I do I don’t even consider using Google search.

Is anyone taking Wikipedia seriously anymore?
It’s good for researching Scandinavian Death Metal and that’s about it.

I wish I could remove the CNN from every building and replace it with System Update!
Thank you Glenn for what you are doing to save democracy in America.

Go and look at Lia John-Thomas’s wikipaedo page.
Not a single fact on it … “she” was winning races as a child … but didn’t start to transition till lae teens.
“She” lost a little bit of muscle mass … no mention of her massive height and bone structal advantages…
And not a single mention of her “getting a stiffy” in the showers and vigorously washing her knob while looking at the “other” women.

It’s crazy that our sources of information are severely tainted by a Government Narrative/cult. Not only does this have to end we have to make it end.

Use to support Wikipedia. Never again, it’s another partisan left wing nut outlet that can’t seem to tell the truth.

seymour hersh’ page was changed 200 times after he wrote his article on the Nordstream.

The FBI and CIA suppressed and hid the evidence, and their political wing (the Dems) gaslights by saying there is no evidence.



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